Revolution is a feature available in the Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. It allows European civilizations to revolt from their home country and form a new political entity with additional unit types and specific bonuses which greatly boosts the civilization's military at the cost of being unable to advance into the Imperial Age and halts their economy.

Overview Edit


The message that appears when Revolting from the player's civilization

Revolution Peru Argentina

The revolutionary politicians menu; Peru (Simon Bolivar) and Argentina (Jose de San Martin) are shown here

Revolting allows a choice of one of two revolutionary leaders per European civilization with different bonuses each at the cost of 1,000 food, 1,000 wood, and 1,000 coin, and takes only 10 seconds, which is much cheaper and faster than advancing into the Imperial Age (that costs 4,000 food and 4,000 coin, and takes 90 seconds).

Once Revolution is researched...

  • ...the player's Home City flag will change to the flag of the relevant new country, and their deck will also change to a Revolution Deck (see Choices)...
  • ...all Home City shipments on their way will be canceled and the shipment(s) used will be refunded...
  • ...all buildings that are being constructed (except by wagons) will be left incomplete, since...
  • ...all Settlers (including Coureurs des Bois and Settler Wagons) will turn into Colonial Militia; Settler(s) that are being trained will be canceled with their Food costs refunded, and any Settler(s) or their equivalents rescued from Treasures will turn into Colonial Militia...
  • ...Town Center build limit is automatically increased to 10...
  • ...and the player no longer need Town Centers and Houses/Manors to support their population.

As Revolution is not counted as an Age, all units that are automatically upgraded in every Age (Explorer, Explorer's Dog from Home City shipment, Spahi, Spy, Petard, etc.) will not be upgraded when the player revolts.

Even though a revolting player no longer have Settlers to gather resources, they still can keep a small economy going through the following:

Only one player may revolt in a game; after someone revolts, all other players (including teammates) won't be able revolt themselves. However, if a player revolts, any other players can still advance to the Imperial Age.

Features Edit

Choices Edit

Nation Leader Bonus Available to
Argentina flag revolt
José de San Martín
José de San Martín
Ships 6 Mortars and upgrades Mortars to Imperial Howitzers Germans
Brazil flag revolt
José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva
Ships 20 Tupi Blackwood Archers and grants the Legendary Native Warriors improvement Dutch
Chile flag revolt
Bernardo O'Higgins
Bernardo O'Higgins
Ships 10 Hussars and upgrades Hussars to Imperial/Imperial Guard Ottomans
Colombia flag revolt
Francisco de Paula Santander
Ships 3 Ironclads French
Haiti flag revolt
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Colonial Militia gets +10% hit points British
Miguel Hidalgo
Miguel Hidalgo
Ships 10 Outlaw Pistoleros and 10 Outlaw Riders Portuguese
Peru flag revolt
Simón Bolivar
Simón Bolívar
All units get +5% hit points Germans
United States flag revolt
United States
Revolution politician washington
George Washington
Gatling Guns get +25% hit points British

Units Edit

Unit Description
Colonial militia unit
Colonial Militia
Solid general-purpose infantry. Good against cavalry.
Gatling gun
Gatling Gun
Early automatic-fire weapon. Better against infantry than buildings.
Ironclad aoe3 unit
Ironclad. Advanced armored warship.

Revolution Deck Edit

All of the listed Home City cards can be sent an INFINITE number of times.

Card Description
16 Colonial Militia
Ships 16 Colonial Militia
4 Gatling Guns
Ships 4 Gatling Guns
1 Fort Wagon
Ships 1 Fort Wagon and Fort build limit +1
2 Ironclads
Ships 2 Ironclads

Strategy Edit

  • It is still possible for a revolting player to win by a trade monopoly.
  • The "move all military units to one location" button on the right hand corner of the mini map is very useful at the start of a Revolution and allows players to move all of their Colonial Militia to one point on the map.
  • Have Factories in game before initiating a revolution (if the Home City Cards are available). This will help produce resources as all Settlers will become Colonial Militia. Trading Posts, especially upgraded to Stagecoach or Iron Horse, are also very useful.
  • Ensure that a few shipments are available when revolting. This will help to get a couple of Fort Wagons and a few Gatling Guns just in case. Or if one feels so and are in a hurry, send important shipments from the Home City before revolting, such as Factories and unit upgrades.
  • Ensure that a large stockpile of resources are available to build more units as Skirmishers and artillery can easily kill Colonial Militia.
  • Ironclads are good with their special long distance shell, but also have some support ships to protect them in close quarter fights as they can only be sent by Revolutionary Deck cards.
  • After revolting, search for Cherokee and Cree native settlements, which gives the Sequoyah's Cherokee Syllabary improvement (which ships 4 Settlers) and Cree Coureurs des Bois respectively, allowing the player to have some workers.
  • Ensure that all the important buildings (such as Artillery Foundry, Arsenal and Church) are built, since they can't be built anymore after revolting.

Trivia Edit

  • The revolution choices for certain civilizations (e.g. Germans can become Argentina or Peru and Ottomans can become Chile or Colombia) are not historically accurate for gameplay and balancing reasons.