Respect is the sixth scenario of Act II: Ice in Age of Empires III. John Black and Kanyenke need to gather enough experience before Warwick kills all the Lakota chiefs.

Objectives Edit

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • John Black (John Black's Mercenaries) - start at the south of the map with John Black and Kanyenke, together with some Jaegers and a Covered Wagon.

Ally Edit

  • War Chiefs (Lakota) - five tribes that are scattered across the map. Each tribe contains a War Chief, protected by Dog Soldiers. If all War Chiefs are killed before the player gains enough experience, the game is lost.

Enemy Edit

  • Warwick (The Circle) - Warwick himself can be found beside his Town Center in his encampment at the north of the map. He actively launches attacks to each of the Lakota tribes in an attempt to eliminate the Warchiefs. He trains British soldiers such as Musketeers, Longbowmen and Hussars, accompanied by Falconets.

Strategy Edit

The player must immediately use the Covered Wagon to build a Town Center at the south of the map, where there are lots of Bisons to be hunted for food. Since food is bountiful on the map, the player may keep training Settlers until they have at least 10 on each resource type. Once the player has enough Settlers, they should quickly advance to the Fortress Age so they can build Artillery of their own, preferably Falconets.

Since the five Lakota camps are scattered, it is not practical to protect all of them. The player needs a solid force to face Warwick's head-on. Warwick typically uses Falconets in his attacks, which makes it easy to eliminate the WarChiefs. For this reason, the player should protect at least two Warchiefs. In case Warwick manages to kill one, the player will still have a chance to continue the game. It is also a good idea to set up a Fort beside one of the camps, since Warwick is more interested in eliminating the Warchiefs than attacking the player's main town. The Fort has a powerful attack, and the player can train an army to help defend the Warchief.

Once a Lakota camp or two has been secured, the player may mount an attack on Warwick's stronghold for two reasons: to obtain XP faster to complete the game, and if the player can successfully breach Warwick's main base, he will use his army to defend it instead of attacking the allied tribes, reducing the chance of the Warchief(s) being killed. However, the player must have at least 10 Uhlans in the base to protect the camps in case Warwick manages to attack while the player's own army is attacking Warwick's camp. The player may also simply dedicate their army to protecting the Lakota camp(s), they just have to note that the game will take a bit longer to be completed. Either way, once the player obtains the required XP, the scenario is won.

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