Resist is a statistical value in Age of Empires III that is similar to melee and pierce armor from previous games. In contrast to previous games, a unit cannot have both melee and pierce defenses; units only have one resist value for the other. A value (for example, 0.30) translates as a percentage (30%) of enemy attack deducted due to the unit's resistances.

Each value is displayed as a decimal number on the unit's statistics tab table near the relevant icon. The sword symbol indicates that the unit "resists" hand attacks, while the musket crossed with an arrow indicates "resists" against ranged attacks. The cannon symbol indicates "resists" against siege attacks, such as attacks from artillery or Flamethrowers.

As a rule of thumb, heavy infantry usually resists melee damage while light infantry and most cavalry resists ranged damage. Artillery and ships resist ranged damage, usually 50% or 75%. Before the Definitive Edition, building wagons, travois and rickshaws were the only units to resist siege damage. With the release of the Definitive Edition, however, this exclusivity was shared with the Nizam Fusilier, the only military unit with siege damage resistance aside from melee infantry units, which get a hidden 50% siege damage resistance while in Cover Mode formation.

The only units which can receive an upgrade to their resistance are the Iron Flail and the Meteor Hammer, with the "Double-Faced Armor" card.

Units with high hand attack resistance[edit | edit source]

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Units with high ranged attack resistance[edit | edit source]

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