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Resist is the third scenario of Act III: India in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.


This scenario is considered quite difficult, and is a turning point. After mistakenly leading Indian soldiers to an ambush by the British army, as well as witnessing Muslim Sepoy refusing to use the new rifles due to them containing pig fat, Nanib becomes disillusioned by the British company and wholly devotes himself to the Indian cause. The scenario introduces the player to Pravar Patel, a revolutionary Sepoy as a unit and a new character.


  • Defeat all of the Company soldiers in the town. (1,000 XP)
  • Destroy the Command Post (10,000 XP)
  • Fight your way into the eastern Mines. (1,000 XP)
  • Destroy the Weapon Caches in the mine. (4,000 XP)


Players will start out with a colony on the southern part of the map. A Town Center, Barracks, Villagers, and a few houses will be already be provided. A Trade Route will be close by and east of the settlement. It would a wise idea to build walls and Castles along the edges of the colony to prevent the large British army invading.

Unlike the earlier scenarios Into the Punjab and Fires of Calcutta, the British troops will often come very groups as large 10 Musketeers early in the game. This will cause often cause the player to lose most of their provided army, and sending out Sentries and Irregulars may be necessary at times.

Once the player is able to fend off the early attacks by British troops, then they can start building a large enough army and station them towards each side of the colony to fight off any future aggressors. The company troops will come in from all sides and players be having two or more battles happening at once.

When the player reaches to the Industrial Age or higher, They can start charging forward if their army is large enough. Heading East towards the eastern mines would be the easier target to attack first due to the weaker walls and lack of units guarding. Once the player heads deeper in the mines, they will fight more Company troops until they finally reach the Weapon Caches.

Once the Weapon Caches are destroyed, the Command Post will be left in the open. However, the company will send their army in and the player may not have enough time to raze the command post from the eastern mines. The walls surrounding the command post are very powerful and resilient making it difficult to destroy them. Choosing the Ottomans as an ally in the Consulate would be helpful at this stage due to the access of Great Bombards which are a good choice for breaching the thick walls. There will be Rockets and Falconets firing behind the thick walls creating a threat for the player's Sepoy and other infantry.

Once the walls are broken, the player can march both sides of their army in and destroy the Forts and Outpost. The command post will be provided extra protection with walls but once the Command Post is destroyed, the scenario is complete.