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Research and Technology is the fourth scenario in the William Wallace learning campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Designed for those who have never before played an Age of Empires game, it teaches the player how to research technologies and advance through the Ages.


Rumors creep in from the south of a giant who leads the forces of Scotland, his great sword driving through earth and man and horse alike. If this mythical knight can hold the English advance, it will give us time to develop the arms we need.

Even now our smiths are forging swords, and fletchers are making arrows and crossbow bolts.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]


  • To win, you will need to advance to the Feudal Age and repel the English raids.


  • Your soldiers will automatically attack any enemy soldiers that get near them. You can also select your soldiers and right-click on a specific enemy unit you want to attack.

Scouts (Definitive Edition)[]

Your scouts report:

  • Your village is surrounded by forests, but that does not mean that it is safe. English soldiers have been roaming the countryside, plundering and raiding.



  • Player (Celts): The player starts with a small village in the center of the map.


  • British (Britons): The British are the only enemy. They attack the player twice, with Militia and a Knight. They are easily defeated.


When the game starts, send all of the player's seven Villagers near the Town Center to gather food from Sheep. Use the other Villager to construct any Dark Age building (Mill, Mining Camp, Lumber Camp, or Dock). The player's Villagers need a little time to gather the missing 50 food for the Feudal Age, so research Loom in the meantime. Once the player has 500 food, advance to the Feudal Age. On the way there, the player will be attacked by three English Militia. Kill them with the player's Militia. Ring the Town Bell if necessary. Once the Feudal Age is reached, upgrade the player's Militia to Men-at-Arms at the Barracks. Shortly after the research is completed, the English will attack again, this time with two Militia and a Knight. They are no match for the player's Men-at-Arms. Once they are dead, the scenario is won.


Longshanks has invaded, stormed, and sacked the city of Perth. Worse, he has captured the fabled Stone of Scone and declared himself King of Scotland.

If we cannot bring about a victory in battle soon, then the Scottish armies will be too demoralized to put up any fight at all. If this mythical Scottish giant does exist, I wish that he would get his forces up to Stirling, where we shall next do battle.


  • The English are referred to as British on screen (but are still referred to as English by the instructor).
  • As with other scenarios, there is a way to win the game without completing these objectives. All a player must do is cut their way out of the forest surrounding their base. Outside is a desert area. March a small group of Villagers up to the northwest region, where a lone British soldier is surrounded by trees. Cut down the trees and kill the soldier to win. Still, it is faster and easier to complete the objectives listed above.
  • Throughout the game, the speed cannot be changed.