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The Relic Cart is an untrainable unit in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It is only available in the scenario Editor.

Unlike regular Relics, Relic Carts do not have to be picked up by a Monk, but can move on their own. The Relic Cart can be captured by any player, similar to its counterpart in Age of Empires, the Artifact, or the Monument. It cannot be stored in a Monastery.

Also, unlike regular Relics, Relic Carts can be damaged such as by towers, and they can be loaded in Transport Ships. When the Relic cart loses all its HP, it should convert to a normal relic, but becomes an uncontrollable gaia relic cart which has random motions. A Relic Cart takes only one damage from all combatant units and buildings per projectile/attack.

Campaign appearances[]

  • Three Relic Carts are captured by enemies in the The Fate of India scenario in the Prithviraj campaign, and can be retrieved and brought to the Buddhist Monks for a reward.
  • A lost Portuguese expedition has a Relic Cart, in Lion of Africa. Finding the expedition and retrieving the Relic Cart is a secondary objective.
  • A Relic Cart makes an appearance in the Sundjata campaign's second scenario, The Sting of the Scorpion, representing Sundjata's baobab stick. Bringing it to enemy camps will cause them to surrender.
  • A Relic Cart appears in The Dai Viet Uprising, on the pirates' island in the east. The Monks in the south corner of the map give an objective to bring it back to their Monastery.
  • Several Relic Carts appear in the first scenario of the Pachacuti campaign, A New Power Arises, where the player is tasked with acquiring three carts and bringing them to a flagged area below the starting town.
  • Two Relic Carts under control of Armagnac forces can be liberated for Parisian Scholars, who will provide John the Fearless with new technologies in return, in The Cleansing of Paris.
  • The Crown Jewels of Sri Lanka (renamed Relic Cart) are located behind a mountain Castle in central Sri Lanka, in Deeds of the Father. Capturing them weakens the enemy forces.
  • A Relic Cart captured by local bandits can be brought back to Monks in Utkala for a reward, in Sacred Waters.
  • Multiple Relic Carts are scattered around the map in Khata'i. Capturing them is the only way for Ismail to restore Qizilbash morale, so that they will fight for him again.
  • Relic Carts are present at the final battle in The Queen in the Panther's Skin, during the initial raids against the Persian cities and prior to the battle itself.


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