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This article is about the Relic in Age of Empires IV. For other uses, see Relic.

Relics are special objects in Age of Empires IV which can be picked up by religious units (from the Castle Age) and stored in religious building to generate gold for the player. The unit that carries the Relic can also mass convert enemy units.


Relics are depicted in-game as medium-sized, yellow-white, trophy-looking constructs. At the beginning of a random map game, Relics are scattered around the map. The number of Relics is three plus the number of players.

Relics can only be carried by religious units (Monks, Imam, Shaman, Scholar, Prelate, Warrior Monk) from the Castle Age. When one is placed in a religious building (Monastery, Mosque, Prayer Tent), the Relic generates 100 gold per minute (1.667 gold per second, like 2.5 miners). Religious unit that carry Relics can perform mass conversions.

Tithe Barns is a technology that means that, in addition to Gold, Relics also generate 30 Food/30 Wood/20 Stone per minute.

Civilization bonuses[]

  • PN Icons HRE 75px.png Holy Roman Empire - players can put Relics in other buildings.
    • BuildingIcon-RegnitzCathedralAoE4.png Regnitz Cathedral - can store 3 Relics. Each relic generates x3 gold (300 gold per minute and 30 Food/30 Wood/20 Stone per minute with Tithe Barns)
    • BuildingIcon-DockAoE4.png Dock - can store 1 Relic. In addition to generating resources, it adds 5% attack speed to all military ships. This stacks (max 25%)
    • Defensive buildings (BuildingIcon-OutpostAoE4.png Outpost, BuildingIcon-StoneWallTowerAoE4.png Stone Wall Tower, BuildingIcon-KeepAoE4.png Keep, BuildingIcon-ElzbachPalaceAoE4.png Elzbach Palace) - can store 1 Relic. In addition to generating resources, it has the following effects:
      • Armor +50%
      • Damage +35%
      • Sight range +25%
      • Weapon range + 20%
  • PN Icons Chinese 75px.png Chinese - can store 1 Relic in Pagoda (players can build only 3 Pagodas in the Ming Dynasty) - Relics in Pagodas generate 100 Gold/100 Food/100 Wood/100 Stone per minute (Tithe Barns doesn't effect Relics in Pagodas)
  • PN Icons Mongols 75px.png Mongols - Improved Tithe Barns - In addition to Gold, Relics also generate 45 Food/45Wood/30 Stone per minute.