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Campaign artwork

Reign of the Hittites is a campaign in the Age of Empires demo and Definitive Edition. The player controls the Hittites as they build a civilization and dominate nearby tribes.

Campaign Description[]

From humble origins as nomadic warriors, the Hittites settled in Anatolia and built an empire over the ruins of the Hattian and Mittani kingdoms. They adopted the chariot with great success and not only destroyed Babylon, but also rivaled Egypt in wealth and power. Lead the Hittites in their most daring raids and battles from the dawning of their culture to their cataclysmic clash with the Egyptians at Kadesh - the first major battle between great powers in human history.


In the demo, the campaign consists of five scenarios. In this original version, the scenarios give basic instructions of how to play the game, similar to the Tutorial Campaign: Ascent of Egypt.

  1. Homelands
  2. Growing Pains
  3. Opening Moves
  4. Fall of the Mitanni
  5. Battle of Kadesh

In the Definitive Edition, the campaign consists of only three scenarios. Both Homelands and Growing Pains have been removed, possibly due to their simplicity and the similarity to the tutorial.

  1. Opening Moves
  2. Raid on Babylon (rename and rework of Fall of the Mitanni)
  3. The Battle of Kadesh (rework of the original Battle of Kadesh)