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Reginleif is a hero Valkyrie in the Fall of the Trident campaign and the Close to Home scenario in Age of Mythology.


Regeneration: Regenerates 2 HP per second. Reginleif cannot be killed: if her HP reaches 1, she merely faints and can be resuscitated if approached by allied units.

Healing: Heals allied units, at 40 HP per second when the unit is idle.

Bonuses and Upgrades[]




She first appears in the Union scenario of in the Fall of the Trident campaign, where it is revealed that she is the one that sent Niordsir and his crew to follow Gargarensis, and then she informs the heroes Arkantos, Ajax, Chiron, and Amanra that they have been tricked by Skult into bearing the flag of the Frost Giant Folstag. She joins the heroes in their quest, until they return to Atlantis.


Age -- 1028
Homeland -- Valhalla
Occupation -- Valkyrie

Special attack -- heals allied units

Her name means "Heritage of the Gods." Once a powerful member of the sisterhood of the Valkyrie, Reginleif served Odin by capturing the souls of warriors for his armies in Valhalla. Reginleif fell from grace from unknown events and seeks to redeem herself in Odin's eyes by delaying Ragnarok.

The original Valkyries were Brynhild ("mail of battle"), Sigrun ("victory rune"), Kara, Mist, Skogul ("battle"), Prour ("power"), Herfjotur ("war fetter"), Raogrior ("god's peace"), Gunnr ("battle spear"), Skuld ("she who is becoming"), Sigrdrifa ("victory blizzard"), Svava, Hrist ("the shaker"), Skeggjold ("wearing a war axe"), Hildr ("battle"), Hlokk ("din of battle"), Goll ("battle cry"), Randgrior ("shield of peace"), Reginleif ("heritage of the gods"), Rota ("she who causes turmoil") and Gondul ("enchanted wand" or "Werewolf").
—In-game mythology section