The Regent is a special unit available to all civilizations when playing on the Regicide random map in Age of Mythology: Extended Edition. It has decent HP and speed but it cannot attack and has low armor, making it helpless against enemy attacks.

Strategy Edit

Regents must be kept close to the player's main base where they will be protected by the Town Center. Raiding units such as Camelry can easily outrun the Regents so they should be guarded by anti-cavalry units. Players may choose to protect their Regent by keeping it within a walled space but should be careful not to see it surrounded by enemy units. The Regent is immune to the Bolt god power to prevent an easy win for worshippers of Zeus. As it is a hero, the Regent cannot be converted by Monks or the Traitor god power.

History Edit

"A regent is a ruler of the empire. Regents were often considered temporary rules for various reasons such as the successor to the throne being a minor, or the royal line having died out. Much like the king, however, the regent is the head of the empire and with his death comes the end. When a Regicide game is played, the regent must survive at all costs for when he dies, the game is lost."
In-game mythology section

Trivia Edit

  • The Regent has the same appearance regardless of the civilization played.
  • The Regent uses the same portrait as Krios.
  • The Regent uses the same models and textures as the cut Achilles unit from the Multiplayer Alpha, and by extension, Misenus.

Gallery Edit

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