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Redemption is a technology in Age of Empires II that can be researched at the Monastery. Once researched, it allows Monks and Missionaries to convert enemy siege weapons and most buildings.

All buildings as well as Trebuchets and Battering Rams cannot be converted from a distance, meaning the Monk or Missionary has to stand directly next to the building/unit to convert it. All other siege weapons are convertible from a distance.

Redemption does not need to be researched to convert the Armored Elephant line, which replaces the Battering Ram line for the South Asian civilisations. However, Monks and Missionaries still need to stand directly next to the Armored Elephant/Siege Elephant in order to convert it.

Converting buildings takes significantly longer than converting units.

Technology availability
Available Unavailable

Affected buildings[]

Four Monks converting an enemy Watch Tower. The left Monk died trying.

While all siege weapons are convertible, not all buildings are. The following table shows which buildings are convertible and which are not.

Convertible Not convertible

House aoe2DE.png House
Mill aoe2de.png Mill
Market aoe2DE.png Market
Lumber camp aoe2de.png Lumber Camp
Mining camp aoe2de.png Mining Camp
Blacksmith aoe2de.png Blacksmith
University AoE2 DE.png University
Dock aoe2de.png Dock
Barracks aoe2DE.png Barracks
Archery range aoe2DE.png Archery Range
Stable aoe2DE.png Stable
Siege workshop aoe2DE.png Siege Workshop
Outpost aoe2de.png Outpost
Tower aoe2de.png Watch Tower
Tower aoe2de.png Guard Tower
Tower aoe2de.png Keep
Bombard tower aoe2DE.png Bombard Tower
Aoe2-icon-donjon.png Donjon
Feitoria aoe2DE.png Feitoria
Harbor aoe2de.png Harbor

Towncenter aoe2DE.png Town Center
FarmDE.png Farm*
Fish trap aoe2DE.png Fish Trap*
MonasteryAoe2DE.png Monastery
Castle aoe2DE.png Castle
Palisade wall aoe2de.png Palisade Wall
Palisade gate aoe2DE.png Palisade Gate
Stone wall aoe2de.png Stone Wall
Gate aoe2de.png Gate
FortifiedWallDE.png Fortified Wall
Wonder aoe2DE.png Wonder
Kreposticon.png Krepost

* Idle Farms and Fish Traps however are converted when a Villager or Fishing Ship starts gathering from them.

Civilization bonuses[]

Team bonuses[]

  • A team containing Lithuanians: Redemption is researched 20% faster.


The Age of Kings[]

Definitive Edition[]


The ability of someone fallen from the faith to redeem himself or herself was a powerful act of forgiveness on the part of a religion. Religions that were forgiving and allowed redemption had an advantage over those that did not.


  • In The Conquerors, every civilization that has access to Redemption also has access to Sanctity, Atonement, and Theocracy.
  • Redemption is mostly absent from archer civilizations, with only Italians as an exception.