Reconquista is the sixth and final scenario in the El Cid campaign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Starting Conditions Edit

  1. Standard difficulty only
  2. Moderate difficulty only
  3. Hard difficulty only
  4. Standard and moderate difficulty only

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat the three armies of Yusuf so that Valencia will remain free.
  • The body of The Cid (near the Castle) must come to no harm, lest the people of Valencia realize they have lost their leader.

Hints Edit

  • 1. You will need to expand out from the Valencian fortress in order to procure more resources.
  • 2. Concentrate on fighting in Spain at first. Later you can attempt to sail across to Yusuf's base in Africa.
  • 3. Spanish Cannon Galleons are powerful. You should use them when attacking Yusuf in Africa.

Scouts Edit

  • Your scouts report: El Cid (red) has all the buildings he needs in Valencia to quickly field an army.
  • There are three enemies: The Black Guard Army (cyan), Navy (yellow), and Yusuf's elite forces (green).
  • The Black Guard Army is north of Valencia and the most immediate threat, but it can be dispatched by a series of quick raids. The Black Guard Army is composed mostly of Camels and Cavalry Archers.
  • The Black Guard Navy is west of Valencia but can be reached by land. The Navy is better defended than the Army but can still be attacked early. In addition to cavalry, the Black Guard Navy has some Monks.
  • Yusuf is the most dangerous enemy. His ships may attack Valencia early on and his fortress in Africa is dangerous. Yusuf trains Camels, Cavalry Archers, and Monks that he will attempt to transport across in addition to Fire Ships and Cannon Galleons.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Spanish): The player starts in Valencia in the center on the map with a sizeable starting army.

Allies Edit

  • Dead El Cid (Spanish): Dead El Cid only has one unit: El Cid Campeador. He stands in front of the Castle in Valencia. If this unit is killed the scenario will fail.

Enemies Edit

  • Yusuf (Turks): Yusuf's base lies in the east across the Mediterranean Sea in Africa. The shore is guarded by Castles and a few towers on islands. He attacks with naval units and also drops off land units with Transport Ships (Siege Rams, cavalry, and Monks).

Strategy Edit

The player starts in Valencia, which is at the central-northwestern of the map. The Gaia walls and castle, in Middle Eastern architecture (reflecting the then-Muslim/Moorish-majority population of Valencia), immediately turn to the player's control. The player also has several Fish Traps at the southwest of Valencia, but the Black Guard Navy will attack them. There is also a Gaia monastery at the west of Valencia (just as the previous scenario, King of Valencia), with a Relic outside.

Outside Valencia, there are gold mines in the northern base of Black Guard Army (which would require that the player defeats the Army first, to ensure the villagers' safety), as well as the two islands at the northeast of Valencia, which are parts of the Balearic Islands.

Black Guard Army's base is located to the northwest. Their army is composed of Heavy Cavalry Archers and Capped Rams. They start with 4-5 Cavalry Archers to the north, near their Archery Ranges. It is a viable strategy ro rush this zone early, since it has no defenses, and use Rams to destroy the buildings before they start mass-producing. If the player is quick, once they are done with the Cavalry Archers from the north, the AI will send the rest of its army, either to attack the player or to defend at north. The rest of the enemy army consists of 4-5 Cavalry Archers, 2 Capped Rams, and two Trebuchets. Their Castle, located west of Valencia, should be destroyed while their army is away. The player can make a few Trebuchets to destroy that Castle and the remaining Archery Ranges.

The Black Guard Navy's start with a Town Center and a couple of Villagers, but no army, and all of their first resources go to vessels, so it is a good strategy to raid their gold and wood economy. Watch out for Monks. There are also Gold Mines nearby, and if the player is fast enough, they may take all that gold for themselves. But be careful, because the Black Guard Navy also has a Castle near their docks. To deal with their ships, it is recommended to construct a Castle near the player's Fish Traps, because that's their main initial focus.

Yusuf's base is protected by three special towers, being similar to The Accursed Tower and The Tower of Flies, but with different names. They are excellent in attack and range compared with normal towers, but their overall strength is from the weakest one at the east, to the strongest one at the south. It would be advisable to start by taking down the weakest tower with Cannon Galleons, since the ships would be able to attack beyond the range of the tower.

On the other hand, cannon galleons cannot outrange the other two towers. If the player wishes to take down the strongest tower, it is advised to use a Trebuchet to attack from Africa, but since they have the same range, the tower would retaliate against it, although it would cause very little damage compared to the one dealt against ships.

Trivia Edit

  • Reconquista (Spanish and Portuguese for Reconquer) is a period for about 700 years after the Islamic conquest of Spain 713 (depicted in The African Kingdoms by Tariq ibn Ziyad campaign) until the fall of the last Muslim state in Spain: Granada in 1492. In this time in history, Christian kingdoms in France and later Spain and Portugal waged war against the Muslim kingdoms in Spain, starting with the Battle of Covadonga in 722, and would officially began in the Battle of Tours (depicted in The Conquerors in the Battles of the Conquerors), in 732 when Charles Martel would defeat Abdul Rahman al-Ghafiqi (the character leading the Tariq campaign in the later stages) and killing him.
  • This is the only El Cid Scenario that El Cid can't be controlled by the player.
  • Northern Valencia (the location where the Wonder was built in the previous scenario) is now littered with Gold.
    • This might be a reference to Torre del Oro, which literally means "Tower of Gold", which the Spanish Wonder is based on.
  • All of the Berber players in this scenario represented by Turks, were later introduced as the Berbers in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms.
  • In the fourth scenario, Yusuf and his Black Guards are Saracens, while in this scenario, they are portrayed as Turks. The possible reason is for balance. Firstly, it can be considered difficult for the Spanish to face Mamelukes, and secondly, the Turkish Cannon Galleons have longer range, presenting more of a challenge.

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