Rebellion (also called Revolt during some stage of the development) is a Greek Classical Age god power in Age of Mythology that was meant to be available to worshipers of Ares but cut before release.

When cast, it deducts all players of their control of all villagers for two minutes. While the effects lasts, a unique animation of the villagers thrusting their arms up with whatever object they last used plays, and villager creation is prevented.

It was removed and replaced with Pestilence.

History Edit

"This second age god power causes villagers, laborers and gatherers everywhere throw down axes, hoes and picks to rebel against their back-breaking toil. Training stops, resource gathering stops, your economy will grind to a halt while the rebellion rages.

To incite Rebellion left click on the Rebellion god power at the top of the screen and left click anywhere on the map. Rebellion affects every player, so make sure you are ready for the break in training and resource gathering.
- Multiplayer Alpha, help section
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