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Icon of Amazonia, a random map in Age of Empires III

Most common game; you choose the settings and victory conditions.
Age of Empires II description

Random map is the primary game mode throughout the games of the Age of Empires series. In the mode, the player starts out with a map randomly generated for each game. All maps are square (not necessarily in Age of Mythology), and can be generated in one of several different sizes. The overall topography of the map remains the same on each map type, with different landscapes and landforms on every corner of the map. The size of the map and the number of players affect the generated terrain of the map.

ReturnRome-AoEIcon Age of Empires[]


All random maps in Age of Empires as of Return of Rome


RomeIcon The Rise of Rome[]

Age of Empires Definitive Edition icon Definitive Edition[]

AoE2Icon-ReturnRome Return of Rome[]

The number of random maps available is elevated 28. Many of the new maps are counterparts to maps from Age of Empires II.

AoE2-DLCicon-0 Age of Empires II[]

Maps in Age of Empires II are of four styles: Standard, Real World, "special", and "custom". For all but the custom maps, they are further categorized in-game. Every map is either a land, water, or mixed map, except for the Battle Royale and Capture the Relic maps and MegaRandom. Additionally, several maps are further categorized as nomad, migration, open, or closed.

Note: The meaning of the letters in the following lists are:
N means the map is nomadic.
M means the map is migratory.
O means the map is open.
C means the map is closed.


All maps can be generated in one of seven different sizes. Ludicrous size was introduced in The Forgotten. The Huge size was known as "Giant" prior to update 107882, with the current "Giant" map being bigger. All sizes in bold are only available since update 107882 with the launch parameter "MORE_MAP_SIZES".

Map size Miniature Tiny Small Medium Normal Large Huge Giant Massive Enormous Colossal Incredible Monstrous Ludicrous
Recommended player count 1 2 3 4 6 8 - - - - - - - -
Dimension 80 120 144 168 200 220 240 252 276 300 320 360 400 480


Land maps
Hybrid maps
Water maps
Other maps

Real World[]

Most Real World maps are mixed. Exceptions are Bohemia, which is a land map, and Madagascar and Sea of Japan (East Sea), which are water maps.

Special maps[]

Land maps
Hybrid maps
Water maps

Custom maps[]

Ensemble Studios created additional custom maps for The Conquerors that were originally available for download on the official website. They were later included with patch 1.0c, and subsequently the Gold Edition and HD Edition. The filenames for all of maps are prefixed with "ES@" to help players find them during multiplayer.

Maps by game mode[]

Depending on the game mode, certain maps will be hidden by default (note that any map can be played on any game mode by disabling the "Show Suggested Maps" check box). The standard Random Map and Regicide game modes have every map available, except for the ones exclusive to Capture the Relic and Battle Royale. Additionally, Battle Royale maps are exclusive to the game mode, and the only suggested maps for the game mode are said maps.

Any map not on the table is available in every game mode.

= Available
= Unavailable
Map Empire Wars King of the Hill Deathmatch Sudden Death Capture the Relic Defend the Wonder Wonder Race
Black Forest
Bog Islands
City of Lakes
Crater Lake
CtR Monsoon
CtR Pyramid Descent
CtR Spiral
Frigid Lake
Hill Fort
Land Madness
Mangrove Jungle
Nile Delta
Northern Isles
Pacific Islands
Sacred Springs
Salt Marsh
Team Islands
Team Moats
Volcanic Island
Water Nomad


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  • Data mod
  • Game Mode
  • Location
  • AI difficulty
  • Resources (staring resources without considering civilization bonuses)
  • Population limit; options are every multiple of 25 from 25 to 250 (inclusive), 300, 400, and 500 (default 200)
  • Game speed
    • Slow (1.0x in-game time)
    • Casual (1.5x in-game time)
    • Normal (1.7x in-game time)
    • Fast (2.0x in-game time)
  • Reveal map; dictates the visibility of all areas outside of each player's Line of Sight.
    • Normal (all areas are black until revealed)
    • Explored (all areas are revealed but in fog of war - default for Black Forest)
    • All visible (all areas of the map are always visible)
  • Starting Age (includes the Post-Imperial Age, starting in an Age automatically researches all of the previous Ages' technologies - default is the Dark Age)
  • Ending Age (excludes the Post-Imperial Age - default is the Imperial Age)
  • Treaty length (time duration for which even non-allied players are treated as allies)
  • Victory condition
    • Standard - Conquest + Relic Victory + Wonder Victory
    • Conquest - defeat all non-allied players
    • Relic Victory - team holds all Relics for certain period of time
    • Wonder Victory - anyone on team constructs and defends a Wonder for a certain period of time

Team Settings[]

  • Lock Teams
  • Team Together
  • Team Positions
  • Shared Exploration
  • Handicap

Advanced Settings[]

Aom original icon Age of Mythology[]

Random Map menu

Selecting "Random" will randomly set the game in a low-water map


"Random All" will set the game in a map selected from all available options

Age of Mythology features 23 different random maps, and all can be generated in normal or large sizes. For the first time, maps can differ in shape and dimensions, such as being rectangular instead of square.

Two of the maps, Black Sea, and River Styx, were released as preorder bonuses for the original game, and are included with the Extended Edition.

The Titans introduces 6 new random maps, two of which feature new and unique terrain not found on any other map in the game. Tale of the Dragon introduces 7 new random maps, three of which feature a new terrain type.

Tale of the Dragon introduces a new giant map size that is not available in the original game.

Map size Normal Large Giant
Player count 4 8 Any


AoM The Titans icon The Titans[]

AoM Extended icon Tale of the Dragon[]

AoMIcon-Retold Retold[]

3Icon48px Age of Empires III[]

All maps are available in a standard size that scales automatically depending on the number of players, with five specific maps available in a separate large size variant, which are marked in the following list with L.



3WCIcon48px The WarChiefs[]

All American Maps AoE3

A map created by combining all loading screens of random maps in The WarChiefs

  • Patch 1.03 - Ozarks
  • Bonus map for online download to celebrate Thanksgiving - Plymouth - This map is only included with the Complete Collection.

3ADIcon48px The Asian Dynasties[]

The Asian Dynasties also introduces four new game modes: Regicide (only playable on Honshu), King of the Hill, Treaty, and Treaty No-Blockade.

Age3DE Icon Definitive Edition[]

Age3DE Icon The African Royals[]

Update 43871
Update 47581
Update 50830
Update 61213
Update 13.690

Age3DE Icon Knights of the Mediterranean[]

Update 13.12327
Update 13.18214
Update 13.27885
Update 13.58326
Update 14.43676


  • Ensemble Studios held a random map contest in 2007 for Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs, of which the prize was to have the winning map officially included into the game. The winning map would also feature a special building in the centre that would be named after the contest winner:
    • RF_Gandalf won the contest with the map Dakota Badlands. The contest ended too close to the then-upcoming patch's release for the map to be included with it. But despite Ensemble's assurances that Dakota Badlands would come with a later patch, the map was ultimately never included for unknown reasons. The map file contains disabled code for spawning the special building in the center, but enabling it does nothing as the building itself was never patched into the game.
    • Johnny_Deppig was the runner-up with Sioux Country.

GameIcon-AoE4 Age of Empires IV[]

Age of Empires IV currently features 48 random maps. All maps are available to select in skirmish and custom games, although there is no specific game mode or map selection called 'Random Map' like in the other installments. Ranked mode typically features a small, rotating subset of these maps, while quick match has a larger subset. Maps are available in 5 sizes:

Size Micro (2p) Small (4p) Medium (6p) Large (8p) Gigantic
Tiles 102 x 102 126 x 126 158 x 158 190 x 190 222 x 222

In addition to resources, map features, and player positions, maps in Age of Empires IV can also have randomly placed neutral Trade Posts and Sacred Sites.


Season One[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

Season Four[]

Season Five[]

Season Six[]

Age of Empires IV: The Sultans Ascend[]

Season Seven[]

Season Eight[]


AoE4 japanese spring lobby flavor

Japanese Spring

AoE4 savanna lobby flavor


In Age of Empires IV, maps also generate with one of several biomes. Biomes are the visual changes applied on the selected random map, representing various seasons, climates, or even imitating the landscape of specific locations. The selected biome changes the type of trees, the color of the ground and grass, forest distribution and density, map color filter, and other visual effects. Some map elements such as Gold Mines or Relics can also vary position with the same map seed on a different biome.

Biome Differences

The same map seed in two different biomes

There are currently 12 permanent biomes:


  • European Temperate
  • Taiga Summer
  • Taiga Winter
  • Steppes
  • Gobi Desert
  • Asian Temperate
  • Asian Subtropical
  • Chalk Downs

Anniversary Edition

  • Mediterranean
  • Sahara Desert

The Sultans Ascend

  • Japanese Spring
  • Savanna

Seasonal events or new ranked seasons have also introduced new biomes temporarily. These sometimes include unique encounters. The seasonal biomes so far have been:

  • Enchanted Grove
  • Hallow's Hearth
  • Winter
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