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Random map is the primary game mode throughout the games of the Age of Empires series. In the mode, the player starts out with a map randomly generated for each game. The overall topography of the map remains the same on each map type, with different landscapes and landforms on every corner of the map. The size of the map and the number of players affect the generated terrain of the map.

Age of Empires Edit

The original Age of Empires offers four random maps. All maps are square, and can be generated in one of several different sizes.

The Rise of Rome Edit

The Rise of Rome introduces four new random maps.

Age of Empires II Edit

The Age of Kings features 14 random maps. All maps are square, and can be generated in one of several different sizes. The Forgotten introduces a new LudiKRIS size that is not available in the original game.

Map size Tiny Small Medium Normal Large Giant LudiKRIS
Player count 2 3 4 6 8 Any Any
Dimensions 120x120 144x144 168x168 200x200 220x220 240x240 480x480

The Conquerors Edit

The Conquerors introduces 8 new random maps to the game. Additionally, a new category of maps based on real locations around the world is introduced. The geography of these maps are of fixed size and the layout will always resemble its real-world counterpart. However, resources are randomly distributed around the map every time they are generated.

Ensemble Studios also created additional custom maps for The Conquerors that were originally available for download on the official website. They were later included with Patch 1.0c, Gold Edition and HD Edition. The filenames for all of maps are prefixed with "ES@" to help players find them during multiplayer.

The Forgotten Edit

The Forgotten introduces 12 standard random maps, with many featuring a unique variation on standard gameplay. Three additional maps are also available only for Capture the Relic mode, as well as an option to randomly select between these maps.

The African Kingdoms Edit

The African Kingdoms introduces 5 standard, 8 Real World, and 11 special random maps to the game.

Standard Edit

Real World Edit

Special Edit

Rise of the Rajas Edit

Rise of the Rajas introduces 5 standard, 4 Real World, and 5 special random maps to the game:

Standard Edit

Real World Edit

Special Edit

Definitive Edition/The Last Khans Edit

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition introduces 6 standard, 5 Real World and 5 special random maps as part of the included The Last Khans expansion.

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Real World Edit

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Age of Mythology Edit

Age of Mythology features 23 different random maps, and all can be generated in normal or large sizes. For the first time, maps can differ in shape and dimensions, such as being rectangular instead of square. Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon introduces a new giant map size that is not available in the original game.

Two of the maps, Black Sea, and River Styx, were released as preorder bonuses for the game, and are included with Age of Mythology: Extended Edition.

Map size Normal Large Giant
Player count 4 8 Any

The Titans Edit

The Titans introduces 6 new random maps, two of which feature new and unique terrain not found on any other map in the game.

Tale of the Dragon Edit

Tale of the Dragon introduces 7 new random maps, three of which feature a new terrain type. The Regicide game mode from Age of Kings returns as a map, rather than a game mode.

Age of Empires III Edit

Age of Empires III has 17 random maps, with two of the maps being added to the game through patches. All maps are available in standard size, with only five specific maps available in a large size. The Asian Dynasties adds another four maps with a large version.

Hispaniola was introduced with patch 1.05. Unknown was introduced with patch 1.07. A bonus map, Winter Wonderland, was released online by Ensemble to celebrate Christmas, but has never actually been included with any release of the game.

Map size Standard Large
Maps All maps Carolina, Great Plains, Saguenay, Sonora, Texas
Deccan, Siberia, Silk Road, Yellow River

The WarChiefs Edit

The WarChiefs introduces 8 new random maps. Ozarks was introduced with patch 1.03. Plymouth was released online by Ensemble to celebrate Thanksgiving, and is only included with Age of Empires III: Complete Collection.

The Asian Dynasties Edit

The Asian Dynasties introduces 10 new random maps, as well as introducing four new game modes: Regicide, King of the Hill, Treaty, and Treaty No-Blockade.

Trivia Edit

  • Ensemble Studios held a random map contest in 2007 for Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs, of which the prize was to have the winning map officially included into the game. The winning map would also feature a special building in the centre that would be named after the contest winner:
    • RF_Gandalf won the contest with the map Dakota Badlands. The contest ended too close to the then-upcoming patch's release for the map to be included with it. But despite Ensemble's assurances that Dakota Badlands would come with a later patch, the map was ultimately never included for unknown reasons. The map file contains disabled code for spawning the special building in the center, but enabling it does nothing as the building itself was never patched into the game.
    • Johnny_Deppig was the runner-up with Sioux Country.

Gallery Edit

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