The Ramming Galley is the Egyptian hammer ship in Age of Mythology. It is available at the Dock in the Heroic Age.

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As hammer ships, Ramming Galleys deal a large amount of hack damage and have high crush armor, making them very strong against Siege Ships. In groups, they are also better than other ship types against naval myth units, whose hack armor is generally lower than their pierce or crush. When Heroic Fleet has been researched, they become decent at defeating naval myth units. Since there are no naval heroes in the game except Poseidon's Argo, this is an important role for them.

Like other ramming ships, Ramming Galleys are weaker than other warships and are easily sunk. They are vulnerable to arrow ships due to their low pierce armor. Any defenses on the shore should be avoided as well. Their exceptional speed makes taking evasive action easy.

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While many galleys had stationary rams on their bows, the Greeks also developed a moveable weapon known as a dolphin. This heavy lead or bronze weight was swung from a boom on the ship's mast and was used like a flail to puncture holes in enemy hulls. The Romans would later improve on this design and develop the corvus, a spiked weapon that doubled as a boarding ramp.

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