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Rain is an Egyptian Archaic Age god power in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Ra. When invoked, it boosts Farm gathering rates for all players: by 200% for the player in question and allies, and by 100% for all other players. No other god powers can be invoked while Rain is in effect. Due to a bug, it also increases wood gathering for the player invoking it by 50%.

Rain is a god power shield, i.e. while it is in effect, no other god powers can be invoked.


Like most economic god powers, Rain is best used early on to gain an edge in terms of resources over an enemy. In this case, it is best to maximize its effect by having as many Laborers farm during the power's effect. However, if a player also worships Bast, it is best to research Sacred Cats and Plow before invoking this power in order to exploit the improved gather rate.

Rain can also be used later as a blocker to prevent opponents from using their god powers in battle.

In team games, Rain provides a nice boost to the economy of the entire team, especially if the player has Atlanteans as allies, as their Citizens gather resources nearly three times as quickly as other villagers.


Aom original icon Age of Mythology[]

  • Rain gives full effect (200% to the invoking player and 100% to everyone else) to Farms close to Town Centers, and half effect to Farms one Farm-length away.[1] No effect on other Farms.

AoM The Titans icon The Titans[]

  • Rain gives full effect to all Farms on the map (200% to the invoking player and 100% to everyone else), and also increases wood gathering for the invoking player by 50%.[1]



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