"A railroad worker."
In-game description

The Railroad Worker is a unique unit that is similar to the Miner but can build Trading Posts. They are featured in Race for the Rails, the first scenario of Act III: Steel.

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The Railroad Worker has slightly less ranged damage and siege damage than the Miner, which leaves him at a slight disadvantage in ranged combat and building sieges compared to his variant.

The Railroad Workers also appear in the Red Cloud's War scenario of Act II: Shadow, and one of the primary objectives is to save 20 Railroad Workers from the Sioux. In this scenario, just like the Miners, they can collect coin (Mines, Plantations) or gather resources from crates of food, chests of coin, and cords of wood. However, they cannot build Trading Posts in this scenario.

History Edit

"In the mid-nineteenth century, the discovery of gold in California and the need for efficient postal routes led to interest in building a transcontinental railroad across North America. Initially, a shortage of workers made construction of the railroad difficult. Soon veterans of the Civil War swelled the ranks of the workers and allowed the Union Pacific Corporation to complete its railroad across over 1,700 miles of wilderness in less than four years. The railroad workers faced low wages and difficult working conditions; labor strikes were common. Union Pacific broke the strikes by bringing in Chinese workers to complete the railroad."

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  • Miner – Similar unit that can only collect coin
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