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Raid in Delhi is the fourth scenario of Act III: India in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.


It is one of the shorter scenarios with no resource gathering and a limited amount of forces. The scenario is revolved around Nanib, Pravar and their forces heading from Meerut to Delhi and to rescue Bahadur Shah from the clutches of the British.



  • Destroy the Weapon Caches to cause an elephant stampede. (1,500 XP)
  • Raze the Agra Fort Wonder to free the Shah. (2,000 XP)
  • Safely escort the Shah out of the city. (10,000 XP)
  • The Shah must survive. (1,000 XP)


  • Free imprisoned Sepoys from the Stockades. (250 XP)
  • Inspire the citizens of Delhi by moving the Shah to each flagged area. (500 XP)


The player will start out near the outskirts of Delhi with Nanib, Pravar, and only three Sepoy. The player will have to be on the lookout for the Company troops patrolling the area. The Company troops will be a dangerous threat throughout the scenario as they mostly consist of Imperial and Guard status. Once the company troops pass by without noticing the troops, the player can then advance and destroy the Weapon Caches.

Once the weapon caches are destroyed, they detonate very large explosions. This in turn spooks the nearby elephants causing a large stampede. The elephants knock down houses, buildings, and Walls, and kill any units that come in their path. Eventually the elephants disappear, leaving a trail of rubble and destruction left behind. Whether the elephants get shot down or escape after their stampede is uncertain. The player should try to destroy as many weapon caches found throughout Delhi as they can.

As the player is destroying weapon caches, they will see multiple stockades with imprisoned Sepoy and Rajput. Once the Stockades are destroyed, the imprisoned units will join the players side. While razing the Stockades, the player will face multiple confrontations and assaults by Company troops patrolling the area. The player should try to avoid the Company troops as much as possible and only fight as a last resort so that the player can harness enough troops to free Bahadur Shah.

Once the third weapon cache is destroyed, a large group of elephants will plow through the outer walls of Agra Fort containing Bahadur Shah and create an open path. Simultaneously, fighting between Sepoy and the British will occur within the fort walls giving the player control to 6 Sepoy, and 2 Siege Elephants. Nearby the Sepoy and Siege elephants will lay an additional 3 stockade containing Sepoy. The player should protect their newly received Siege elephants at all costs due to their high multiplayer against building and artillery.

Once the player has brought their secondary army with Nanib and Pravar, they begin the breaching of the fort. Once this is accomplished, the two armies will join into one large force. The siege elephants will provide an excellent siege attack to destroy the fort and help free Bahadur Shah quickly. Once Bahadur shah is freed, the scenario is still not completed and the Shah has to be safely escorted out of the city.

Note: Once freed, Bahadur Shah will be unable to attack and if he dies, the player will lose the scenario

While escorting Bahadur Shah, the British will be aware of the raid and will sent waves of strong troops to attack. The player will also be able to use Bahadur Shah to move to rally points and recruit local Indians into military units. The military units will include Arsonists and Rajput. The Shah should have some military units surrounding him in case of an ambush by the company troops.

By now the players should have amassed a large enough army to take out the company's Redcoats, Dragoons, and Rockets. The Siege Elephants will provide an excellent counter to the powerful rockets. Once the player defeats the last troops on the western edge of Delhi, they will arrive towards the gates of Delhi and will complete the scenario.