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This article is about the unit in Age of Empires. For the similar unit in Age of Mythology, see Raft (Age of Mythology).

The Raft is a small transport ship in Age of Empires. There is no way of creating rafts in-game and they do not appear in any of the default campaigns however. The only way to produce Rafts is by placing them in the Scenario Editor.


Rafts feature the same appearance as Fishing Boats, but have the same icon of a Light Transport. Like all transport ships, it can garrison units but can only carry and transport one unit at a time. Although it has the lowest carrying capacity out of all available transport ships, it can travel through tighter spaces due to its smaller size. Like all transport ships, units can also board Rafts at a maximum of two tiles away from it if there is an obstruction between it such as Walls, Trees or Cliffs.