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Quelling the Rebellion is the second scenario of the Suryavarman I campaign in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. It is about how Suryavarman I crushes the rebellion led by his rival, Jayaviravarman.


Ascent to power does not come easily. Once the head of one beast is removed, three spring to take its place. Such was the case with Suryavarman's enemies.

Rebel factions sprung up to the north, east, and south of Angkor. Legions of disgruntled soldiers marched on the city, threatening to topple Suryavarman just as quickly he had ascended to power.

The most dangerous rebel faction was led by Jayaviravarman, a warlord from Malaysia with a distant claim to the throne. Advancing from the south at a rapid pace, he acquired much support from the local populace.

Suryavarman had to act quickly. The rebel forces, were they to unite, would present quite a challenge to an army that had only recently emerged victorious from a grueling campaign.

There was precious little time to spare.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]


  • Defeat the Northern Rebels.
  • Defeat the Eastern Rebels.
  • Kill Jayaviravarman and defeat his army.
  • (secondary) Conquer enemy towns by destroying the main fortification of each. Depending on the size of the town, this will either be a tower or the town Castle(s).


  1. Suryavarman I's army is restricted to the Castle Age and its population limit is 200.
  2. Do not neglect your navy. Controlling the Mekong River and its crossings will be vital to quelling the rebellion.
  3. Attacks will arrive from all sides - be prepared to defend on multiple fronts.
  4. Do not destroy what you can conquer. Enemy towns will surrender when their main fortification falls.
  5. The armies of the various rebel groups have varying strengths and weaknesses. Monks are strong against elephant units but weak against Light Cavalry, for example.


Your scouts report:

  • The army of Suryavarman I (1, Cyan) controls the Khmer capital of Angkor and a few minor towns to the west. It is faced with rebellion from multiple directions:
  • The Northern Rebels (3, Red) hold several towns in the north of the map, and threaten Angkor with an army primarily composed of Crossbowmen, Light Cavalry, and Mangonels.
  • The Eastern Rebels (4, Orange) control the ragged eastern portion of the map, employing a force of elephants, Scorpions and Monks.
  • Jayaviravarman's Army (2, Yellow) holds a cluster of towns straddling the southern reaches of the Mekong River. Droves of infantry units pour north towards Suryavarman's lands.
  • Jayaviravarman (6, Purple) resides in his citadel in the south of the map, surrounded by his elite guard of heavy infantry.



  • Local Inhabitants (Khmer) are located to the near west, at the south of the player's main base. They have a Market and Dock the players can use to trade with.


  • Northern Rebels (Khmer) are located to the north and northeast. Their army consist of Crossbowmen, Light Cavalry, Mangonels, and War Galleys. Once all of their Castles and Towers are destroyed, they will surrender their remaining military buildings to the player.
  • Eastern Rebels (Khmer) are located at the middle, near east, and easternmost of the map. Their army consist of Battle Elephants, Ballista Elephants, Monks, and War Galleys. Once all of their Castle and Towers are destroyed, they will surrender their remaining military buildings to the player.
  • Jayaviravarman's Army (Malay) are located at the southwest, south, and southeast. Their army consist of Long Swordsmen, Pikemen, Battle Elephants, Karambit Warriors, Battering Rams, and War Galleys.
  • Jayaviravarman (Malay) are located to the south, inside Jayaviravarman's Army base. They have no building, but have small army of Halberdiers, Two-Handed Swordsmen, Imperial Skirmishers, and Monks. Furthermore, they are protected by Jayaviravarman's Army's Castles, Gates, and Walls.


The enemies start out with a total of 9 production centres, so time is of the essence as the player will want to capture a few of those centres as soon as possible to avoid getting swarmed later on. Luckily, the player starts with all the production facilities they will need, and a decent army. Quickly queue up Villagers and put the idle ones to work. Next, queue up a few Battle Elephants, and research tusk swords at the castle. Then, at the dock, a couple of Fire Ships should suffice, and finally, three Monks. While all this is getting underway, round up the units around the Castle (only those as the other units will be needed to defend for now) and head northeast, where a small base, belonging to the Northern Rebels, is located. Knock down the tower in the centre to capture it. The next target completely up north is much tougher, as it contains a Castle that the player will need to knock down. Luckily, it does not seem to have Murder Holes researched, so get those Battle Elephants in melee range and knock it down. The enemy will of course try to resist, so keep the Ballista Elephants around. If the player was fast enough, the Northern rebels should not be able to amass enough units to kill off the elephant force. Once the Castle goes down, heal up and move on to the northeastern part of the map for the final Northern Rebels base. Luckily this one only contains a tower, so quickly bring it down to capture the final base.

If the Northern Rebels are rushed down fast enough, both the Eastern Rebels and Jayaviravarman's Army will not have done done any serious attacks and the player will have one front less to worry about. But they soon will attack in force. Both Fire Ships and Monks are the key here, as the former will be needed to control the river, and the latter to both heal the army and to convert enemy elephants. Eastern Rebels will also try to convert the player's units, so keep a small squad of either Light Cavalry or Crossbowmen at hand. Note: Eastern Rebels will also attempt to convert the player's newly captured buildings. In the event that it is impossible to prevent such conversions, the player can manually delete any military buildings Eastern Rebels are attempting to convert (like most elephant civilizations, the Khmer lack Heresy).

Keep a good sized squad near the docks and Town Center to fend off Jayaviravarman's Army. His army generally consists of foot soldiers, which should not pose a significant problem, but can harass the player if left unattended. Eastern Rebels, however, invest heavily in Battle and Ballista Elephants, which can tear down the player's bases quickly if not met with an answer. Invest in an elephant army and use the Monks to convert those enemy elephants. When ready, quickly attack the 2 bases near the centre of the map. Both require knocking down the tower guarding it to capture the bases. This is a critical point on the map; control over it controls the water access to the player's bases and eastern rebels have to pass through here.

The base across the river has a Siege Workshop, which the player should now use to crank out Battering Rams, around 8. Eastern Rebel's last base is full with army production buildings, and requires the player to knock down its castle to capture it, which is located completely at the back of the base. Either swarm the base with low cost units as a diversion for the rams, or knock down the base completely (this base is quite remote and not really necessary to have) top to bottom.

Jayaviravarman's Army is the last enemy standing. They have a base very close to the player's river bases. Rush in and knock down the Town Center. Captured! Cross the river and head northwest. A smaller fort with a couple of production centres are located here. Knock down the measly tower. That fort stands in the way of the final base south at the map. Just blocking the road there is more than enough to control the land, so do not worry anymore about keeping squads around to protect the vital areas. The final base is densely built, with a lot of production centres. To make matters worse, there are 2 Castles completely at the back walled off, filled with both Jayaviravarman's Army's and Jayaviravarman's units. Either slowly tear down the base completely, or put Jayaviravarman's Army on neutral and invest in a large force of Crossbowmen, which are better fitted than the elephants for this close quarter fight. Have around 10 rams filled up with infantry and rush down the gates and Castles. When the Castles are down and Jayaviravarman's units are all wiped out, the scenario is over.


Humans are interesting creatures. At times they display incredible brilliance, and yet at others they behave like obstinate fools!

One can only wonder at the folly that caused the rebel factions to not coordinate their forces. A bundle of sticks is difficult to break, but individual twigs snap as if they were bits of straw.

Suryavarman's victory assured that this lesson would not be forgotten.