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Isabella serves as the AI personality of the Spanish in Age of Empires III. She is flirtatious and pouty when she interacts with the player, even if she is winning or losing very badly. Light-hearted as she is the Spanish are quite dangerous on higher difficulties and her playful tones can quickly aggravate someone who is losing to her AI. She is voiced by April Stewart.

Isabella I (22 April 1451 – 26 November 1504) was Queen of Castile and León. She and her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon brought stability to both kingdoms that became the basis for the unification of Spain. In reality, Isabella was of a very fair complexion, had blue eyes, and had a hair color that was between reddish-blonde and auburn.


In a Supremacy game, Isabella is among the weakest of the AI personalities. While she is generally the first AI to reach the Colonial Age, she advances to the next Ages more slowly than the others. She also tends to be highly reliant on shipments for military units, at least earlier in the game, and will almost never create a large army. Therefore it is not uncommon for Isabella to be defeated quite easily. If she does happen to be left alone, her armies will usually consist of Hussars, Artillery, and Pikemen supported by Lancers, Rodeleros, and/or Mercenaries (if applicable). Isabella tends to fare better on water maps, as she always tries to maintain a strong navy.

In a Post-Imperial Deathmatch game, Isabella is stronger and will send out large groups of units to harass enemies. She will use Tercios, Espadas, and Garrochistas in addition to some Musketeers, Skirmishers and Field Guns supporting them.

In both types of games, Isabella's defence is quite weak as she does not build Outposts; in early levels, she will have Outposts built from the Outpost Wagons. The Fort is the only concern if she decides to build it near her colony.


As an ally[]

  • Increased difficulty - "Are you sure this jump in difficulty is not a mistake?"
  • Decreased difficulty - "I see you are taking it a little easier this time. That is probably best."
  • Defeated by player during previous game - "It will be good to not be on the receiving end of your assault this time."
  • Won previous game - "I am glad you are here with me again."
  • Offers player food - "Take this food to keep your men strong." or "You need food to keep your stamina."
  • Offers player wood - "There is no substitute for Spanish wood!" or "This wood will keep your forces strong." or "Spanish wood built the armada. Use this to power our victory."
  • Offers player coin - "I hope this coin helps to sustain you." or "This coin should help you with the cause."
  • Received food - "This food will go far." or "The Spanish people thank you for your generosity."
  • Received wood - "Your gift of wood was generous." or "So much wood! You are too kind."
  • Received coin - "You are so good to me." or "Your gift of coin is most appreciated."
  • Declined player resource request - "Be patient, pet. The resources of Spain are not infinite."
  • Explorer is incapacitated - "My explorer has been careless. He will get a spanking when he returns." or "My explorer has been careless. I won't be able to collect nuggets until he returns."
  • Constructing a Fort - "I need more men. A base will be perfect here."
  • Agreed attack - "Of course, pet." or "I concur." or "All right, but you owe me."
  • Decline attack - "I would help you if had the troops, but I have none." or "It pains me to tell you that I do not have the manpower for that." or "Be patient. I do not have the troops to do that." or "Your moves are bold, but I have not the army to help." or "If I had more troops, I would gladly help you."
  • Enemy allies with natives - "They are spreading their influence onto the natives."
  • Agreeing to a strategy - "So demanding. But, all right." or "Don't think twice about it."
  • Initiating attack - "Come bask in my glory as we dismantle this town."
  • Initiating enemy Trading Post (native) - "It is time to let these people know how they are being deceived."
  • Attack successful - "The cowards! Kneel before Isabella!" or "I shall never grow tired of such easy victories."
  • Win battle - "All of our foes will soon wear the mark of my boot heel like these now do."
  • Losing to the Ottomans - "Could the Ottomans really be this strong?"
  • Near defeat - "We are done. Spain has nothing left for this game." or "I knew it was a bad idea coming here. I would like to recall my people." or "Your attempt to fight on is noble, but it will be for naught."

As an enemy[]

  • Beginning of game - "Surrender now and you will save yourself a lot ."
  • Beginning of game on easier difficulty- " you are trying easy but you shall see yourself kneeling under my heel.
  • Player collects Treasures - "You should fight me instead of scurrying through the brush looking for trinkets."
  • Player collects multiple Treasures - "An impressive display of baubles, but you should pay more attention to your colony."
  • Isabella collects more Treasures - "Was that your explorer I saw napping at a field?"
  • Small force enters enemy territory - "Look at those poor, lost lambs. I will give them a good home." or "What's this? More stragglers seeking comfort in the arms of Spain?
  • Player is last to Age - "Oh, you are alive. I was going to check for a pulse."
  • Player builds Trading Post (Trade Route) - "That is a cute trade site. I am going to enjoy watching it burn."
  • Player builds Trading Post (natives) - "Those people will not help you in the long run." or "It would be a shame if someone were to come along and knock that post down."
  • Player's Trading Post is destroyed (Trade Route) - "It will be a long time before you feel the gains from that trading post." or "I hope you didn't need that trade site too much." or "That is what you get for challenging the Spanish."
  • Player's Trading Post is destroyed (natives) - "These people are now free of your tyranny."
  • Destroying a Trading Post (natives) in her control - "How dare you! These natives are my friends." or "You will regret that."
  • Destroying a Trading Post (Trade Route) in her control - "Why do you destroy my things?"
  • (Unknown occasion) - "A bold attempt, but you see my power." or "I am so far ahead of you, you will never catch up!"
  • Player start Trade monopoly - "Ah, so the snake rears its ugly head."
  • Major battle - "You send your men into certain death."
  • Attacked by two or more players - "Why is it I always seem to get double-teamed?"
  • Enemy attack successful - "I see you like it rough."
  • Enemy attack defeated - "Such skill. It is enough to make a girl cry."
  • Player Town Center destroyed - "I hope you felt that to your core."
  • Town Center destroyed - "Why are you picking on me?" or "You weren't invited in my town. Go away." or "You may take my town, but you will never have my crown."
  • Defeat - "I am done. You can stop now." or "You play too rough. I would like to stop now." or "Please, let me leave here with some shred of dignity."



Isabella was born in 1451 and died in 1504. She came from a long line of European royalty including Henry IV of England. She and her husband, Ferdinand of Aragon, are best known as the patrons of Christopher Columbus' voyage to the New World.

After Columbus' discovery, Isabella took a keen interest in the welfare of the Native Americans. She ordered that those brought to Spain should be returned to their homes, and she made provisions in her will that Native Americans be well-treated in Spanish-held territories. Unfortunately, the wishes in her will were not always honored.

Her legacy has a darker side: she established the Spanish Inquisition and was responsible for expelling the Jews from Spain in 1492.

In Age of Empires III: You will find Isabella to be a mostly charming opponent or ally. She's witty and engaging with a sense of adventure.