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Queen Elizabeth (1533 - 1603) is the AI personality of the British in Age of Empires III. She was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor Dynasty from 1558 to 1603 and is voiced in-game by Rosalind Ayres.


Elizabeth is a confident and bold leader. She usually addresses the player in a formal tone, even as enemies. She also displays a passive aggressive personality, often making taunts when she or the player achieve a certain goal.


Queen Elizabeth is solid though unspectacular. Her armies are comprised of mainly Longbowmen, Minor civilization units, and Mercenaries (if applicable) with smaller numbers of Musketeers and Falconets. Longbowmen are always kept at Veteran level, as she never includes the Yeomen card in her deck, which allows them to advance into Guard and Imperial status. She may occasionally use groups of Life Guards (Royal Guard Hussars) and Redcoats (Royal Guard Musketeers), though the latter is significantly more uncommon. Due to the extra Settlers provided by Manor Houses, she advances to the Imperial Age faster than other AIs. However she rarely upgrades her main army of Musketeers and/ or Longbowmen even to the Veteran level. However, she upgrades her Artillery to the Imperial level, given the chance. Elizabeth tends to be somewhat more powerful on water maps, as she likes building ships.

Elizabeth is fond of Native alliances, and will almost always include upgraded natives in her army. If The WarChiefs is installed, she will also train units from the Saloon in large numbers, as well as Spies from the Church.

She uses a reasonably fortified defense layout, utilizing Fortified Outposts for defense.


As an ally[]

  • Beginning of game - "I am proud to be your ally in this struggle."
  • Beginning of game (player allied with her, lost the previous game) - "Last time we were allied, we did not do so well, I'm sure we'll work out together much better now."
  • Beginning of game (previously defeated as enemy) - "I didn't have the heart to defeat you in our last game. I'm glad we're on the same side now."
  • Raised difficulty - "We are in for a tougher fight than last time we met."
  • Requesting food - "My people are hungry. Do you have any extra food?"
  • Offers player food - "Here is some food, eat it in good health."
  • Offers player wood - "Here is some wood, compliments of the British Empire."
  • Offers player coin - "Here is some coin, spend it wisely."
  • Received food - "This food is great! It really hits the spot."
  • Received wood - "Now I can build what I need."
  • Receives coin - "Thank you ever so much for the coin."
  • Declined player resource request - "Sorry. I'm too poor to do that." or "I feel bad about this, but I don't have enough resources to obey you."
  • Player collects multiple Treasures - "You have scooped up so many treasures. What a fine fellow!" or "You seem to be a very efficient partner."
  • Player collects Treasure near her Town Center - "It is very rude to take/collect treasures so close to your ally's town. I expect better behavior from you."
  • Player builds a Trading Post (Trade Route) - "We are the first to claim a trade route."
  • Agreed attack - "As you wish."
  • Decline attack - "If I had a few more men, they would rush to your aid." or "I have no army, so I cannot comply." or "I would comply immediately, if only I had enough troops." or "I have not trained an army yet." or "Sorry, I don't have any troops."
  • Rescued her explorer - "You did what I could not. Rescued my explorer."
  • Constructing a Fort - "I am constructing a military base here." or "I want a base here. Soon it will teem with soldiers."
  • Initiating attack - "I plan to assault the main enemy base. Can you help?" or "I am about to bring the war to our foe. Follow my lead." or "My attack begins here"
  • Enemy built Trading Post (trade route) - "Now the foe has claimed a trade route. It seems like we are behind."
  • Enemy start Trade Monopoly victory - "Look sharp now, we have work to do. Let us be about it!" or "Oh no, we'll need to get our act together, and quickly!" or "The enemy has a trade monopoly! We have to act fast!"
  • Attacking enemy Trading Post - "I shall destroy the enemy trading post here."
  • Agreeing to a strategy - "By your command." or "I hasten to obey."
  • Major battle between several players - "Look at the size of this fight. EVERYONE wants to get in the action."
  • Wins battle - "Actually, that fight was rather dulI." or "It was touch and go there for a while"
  • Losing - "Well we can't win every battle, Perhaps next time we will be the victor, Shall we resign, I'll follow your lead." or "Things certainly aren't looking up, Don't you think we should surrender while we can." or "This is absurd! We are wasting our energy, It is time to admit defeat."
  • Near defeat - "It has been a noble fight, But I think we should cut our losses to fight again someday, Would you agree?"

As an enemy[]

  • Beginning of a game on lower difficulty - "Even at this new, lower, difficulty rating, I trust I will be able to put up a good fight for you." or "Couldn't you take the pressure? I see you've tilted the odds more in your favor this game."
  • Begin of the same map as previous game - "This same map?! Again?"
  • Increased difficulty -
  • Beginning of a game - "These are dark times. I regret the necessity of annihilating you."
  • (Specific conditions unknown) - "I can see your army wandering about aimlessly."
  • Player claims the first Treasure - "Don't you realize that these paltry treasures don't count in the long run?"
  • Player collects multiple Treasures - "You are good at exploring the wilderness, but other skills will be needed once the fighting begins in earnest."
  • Discovers player's Town Center - "Thank you for putting your town in such an obvious spot. It was easy to discover."
  • Player builds Trade Post (natives) - "You certainly seem to be quick to get those natives. Afraid I'd get there first?"
  • Player builds Trading Post (Trade Route) - "You already needed a trading post? Mismanaged something early on, did you?"
  • Destroys a player's Trading Post (natives) - "You didn't need those particular natives, did you?"
  • Destroys a player's Trading Post (Trade Route) - "Great Britain feels that it is necessary to inform you that your trading post is no more." [laughs]
  • Destroying a Trading Post (natives) in her control - "What did those hapless natives ever do to you?"
  • Destroying a Trading Post (Trade Route) in her control - "Aren't you supposed to be fighting soldiers, not mere trading sites ?"
  • Player starts trade monopoly victory: - "My lobsterbacks know just how to deal with your trading posts!"
  • Destroy a Trading Post (player's trade monopoly victory disrupted) - "Haha! Now you will have to start over again."
  • Player advances faster in Age than Elizabeth - "Now that you have advanced so far in Age, your uniforms must seem fine indeed. But I doubt your fighting quality has improved."
  • Player advances slower in Age than Elizabeth - "You are so nice, to choose to fight me while you are an Age inferior, how sweet."
  • Small force enters territory - "You'd better pick up your toys and scurry home." or "I see your force maneuvering in the wilderness. Perhaps it's worth my while to destroy it." or "What a tiny army! Is this a trick of some kind?" or "I imagine the reason your army is so small is that you'd hoped in vain that it would escape notice."
  • Large force enters territory - "I doubt you dare attack me with an army that size."
  • (?) - "Excellent! You have gathered your troops together so we can destroy them all at once. How thoughtful."
  • (?) - "There. Now, we can have a stand up fight. I will not tolerate any more of your tricks."
  • Major battle - "You can save your men's lives by giving up now."
  • Player destroys Town Center - "I wish you'd stop trespassing on my property. Look, now you've broken it." or "You are giving me serious discomfort."
  • Destroys the player's Town Center - "Down with the usurper! I mean you, of course."
  • Wins battle - "It seems I have the upper edge on you. How nice." or "As I expected, the victory is mine" or "To the victors belongs the spoils"
  • Losing a battle - "What a disaster...! You are a tough opponent." or "Ouch. Perhaps you can go easier next time?" or "Can we discuss a temporary cease fire? Perhaps your soldiers could use a break from their labors."
  • Surrendering - "Nothing I can do can save my town now. I am doomed. There is nothing but surrender left to me. Will you accept it?" or "Perhaps I can at least obtain some dignity out of this debacle. Kind sir, will you accept my surrender?"



Elizabeth I was born in 1533, and was the last ruler of the famed Tudor dynasty. For much of her childhood she lived in exile from her ill-tempered father Henry VIII, who had her mother executed on false charges of witchcraft and treason. Henry VIII went on to marry and kill many other wives until his last wife, Catherine Parr, convinced him to reconcile with his daughters.

Elizabeth's reign was marked by great achievements in writing, navigation, and philosophy by individuals such as William Shakespeare and Francis Bacon. Elizabeth herself was a talented poet and a tremendous patron of the arts.

During her reign, there was much religious unrest in Britain; her leadership was key in avoiding civil war. Despite the threat of a Spanish invasion, Britain remained secure during Elizabeth's reign. Unlike her notorious father, Elizabeth never married and had no children; she died in 1603.

In Age of Empires III: Elizabeth is aristocratic and aloof. You will find her to be a reliable ally who understands the importance of a strong economy. Under her direction, the English navy was second to none. Elizabeth has a deep distrust of the French, but has a fondness for the Dutch.


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