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Queen Amina (1533-1610) is the AI personality of the Hausa in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals.




Amina as an Ally[]

  • Beginning of game - "I am Queen Amina, feared cavalry warrior, ruler of Zazzau and all of Hausaland. Ride with me to victory!"
  • Receiving coin - "A wise investment. This will finance the upcoming cavalry raid!"
  • Agreeing to a strategy - "Your counsel is accepted."
  • Losing to French - "My emirs said the French have very beautiful palaces and that they would rather preserve than destroy them."
  • Losing to Hausa - "The palace of the other Hausa ruler is more beautiful and influential than mine. I shall offer my sword to survive in grace."
  • Queen Amina ransoms her explorer - "My Nigerian princes requested that I pay an absurd amount of money for their ransom. What frauds!"
  • Trade monopoly started - "Defend the Trading Posts to secure our trade monopoly!"

Amina as an Enemy[]

  • Player collects food-related treasure - "It is easy enough to find food, but hard to get away to a place where you can eat it in peace."
  • Player collects more treasures - "Are you going to throw a party? My Yoruba followers are wondering if we could join."
  • Queen Amina collects food-related treasure - "Ah, good. I haven't had breakfast yet."
  • Locates player's town center - "Your town could never be a Hausa state. It is way too ugly for that! - I'll have to destroy it."
  • Defeat - "You have fought well. To save my town and my people from destruction, I offer my surrender. Will you accept?"



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