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You have advanced to the Classical Age through the Influence of Prometheus.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology

Prometheus is an Atlantean Classical Age minor god in Age of Mythology: The Titans. He is available to worshippers of Kronos and Oranos.


God Power[]


Myth Unit[]

  • PrometheanIcon.png Promethean: Men of clay that divide into two when killed.


Prometheus is a minor god who helps the player to create more heroes, and is therefore a good choice of minor god for players whose enemies are focusing on myth units. His Heart of the Titans technology reduces the amount of food, wood and gold needed to transform units into heroes by 20%. Furthermore, his God Power, Valor, turns a small number of human units into Heroes instantly. Creating heroes is expensive, and these two benefits greatly reduce the amount of resources needed. Prometheus' Myth Unit is the Promethean, a man made of clay that is cheap, has a fair crush attack, and divides in two when killed.


The son of the Titan Lapetus, Prometheus was born a mortal. He shaped humankind out of water and clay (and Athena breathed life into the form). After siding with Zeus against the Titans, he tricked the king of the gods into taking animal bones as sacrifices, leaving the good meat for humans. In spite, Zeus removed fire from the world, bringing great suffering to all. To relieve the people he had created, Prometheus stole fire from the Sun and gave it back to the world. In retaliation, a furious Zeus sentenced Prometheus to be chained to a rock for 30,000 years, while an eagle daily tore out his liver (which grew back each night). By giving warning to Zeus of a prophecy of his downfall, he won a reprieve and was allowed to trade his mortality to Chiron (doomed to an eternity of agony) and thereafter joined the immortals on Olympus.


In The New Atlantis Campaign, Prometheus appears as a Titan unit and is a secondary antagonist. He escapes Tartarus after Kastor inadvertently weakens the Olympian gods. Prometheus proceeds to wreak havoc across the city of Sikyos and would have killed Kastor as well if Ajax and Amanra hadn't intervened. After defeating a couple of lesser Titans, Kastor returns and weakens Prometheus by rebuilding settlements which causes Gaia's lush to spread out. This lowers his hitpoints and removes his regeneration ability allowing him to be killed.

Excluding Osiris, Prometheus is the strongest unit in the single-player campaign and in the whole game. He has 50,000 hitpoints and regenerates 500 HP/second, making it nearly impossible to severely damage him.

Special Attack[]

Fire balls: throws 4 fire balls dealing 25 hack damage and 20 crush damage each. Fire balls which missed their target turn into Prometheans. Cannot target air units. Recharge time: 15 seconds.



  • Alluvial Clay.png Alluvial Clay (Prometheus): increases hit points of summoned Prometheans by 30%



  • The special attack of regular Frost Giants works on Prometheus and freezes him in place.
    • Due to this oversight, it is possible to defeat Prometheus legitimately: a single Frost Giant is enough to constantly freeze him and at least 30 Fire Giants, 50 upgraded Ballistae, or 25 Vermilion Birds have to attack him. It will take a while, but he'll eventually go down.
  • The in-game help section says that his father is named Lapetus. In the actual mythology, his father's name was Iapetus.
  • In the generally accepted Greek mythos, Prometheus was not actually sent to Tartarus. He assisted Zeus in the Titanomachy, and was accordingly allowed to remain free until he stole fire from the gods to give to the humans. Prometheus's imprisonment in-game is mentioned as being a punishment for aiding Poseidon's attempts to free Kronos in the Fall of the Trident campaign.


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