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The Prodromos is a Greek cavalry unit. It becomes available in the Heroic Age and is trained at the Stable.

Attack bonus[]

God Bonuses and Upgrades[]

Poseidon reduces the cost of cavalry by 10% and Stables by 25%.


Prodromoi are hard counters to other cavalry units. Their main asset is that they can thrash standard cavalry and can beat all other types of cavalry except the tank-like War Elephant. With the introduction of the Chinese in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, Prodromoi have become even more reliable than the Hoplite who take bonus damage from their unusual cavalry unit, the Cataphract. Prodromoi are also excellent against siege weapons, as they are fast and have a large bonus against them.

Against other units, they do not fare so well. With their poor pierce armor, they are mediocre against archers, unlike most cavalry. Though they have decent hack armor, but are still rather poor against infantry. Hoplites can replace Prodromoi as a defensive counter, but their ability to outrun most cavalry as well as their bonus against siege weapons makes them a valid addition to the Greek army.


The Prodomoi were a light cavalry unit within the heavy Macedonian cavalry (Hetairoi or Companions) of Alexander the Great's army. These men were armed with javelins or a shortened cavalry spear, plus a sword as their secondary weapon. They scouted for the army, but were used in battle with the heavier Companions if needed. They were particularly useful in battle during the pursuit of broken enemy troops that could be run down while fleeing.


  • While they represent an ancient Macedonian unit, they also bear an uncanny resemblance to Athenian cavalrymen.
  • They wear an ancient Greek type of hat called Petasos (Πέτασος). This hat was first introduced in Thessaly, and in ancient Greek art, horsemen and Hermes are often depicted wearing one.


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