Prince Henry the Navigator (1394 - 1460) in serves as the Portuguese AI personality in Age of Empires III. He is the default leader of the Portuguese if played against the computer. He is voiced by Francisco Lorite.

Henry the Navigator is fairly confident as a leader. He makes a lot of comments about exploration. If he is an enemy, he will often taunt the player with snide or sarcastic remarks.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Army[edit | edit source]

Prince Henry generally creates armies at a much slower rate than other AIs, favoring his economy first. He will usually hold off on performing any raids during the Colonial Age, then attack with massed troupes of Halberdiers supported with artillery. If The WarChiefs expansion is installed, Henry will often provide a mix of Horse Artillery and Organ Guns with his Halberdier armies.

Without the expansion, Henry's armies will usually consist of Halberdiers, Hussars, and Culverins. Musketeers or Cassadors are relatively uncommon in his army setups.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Prince Henry will try to focus all of his resources on quickly expanding his economy. He will quickly advance towards the Industrial Age and does not train many troops as a result of heavy economy focusing. This makes him easily susceptible to attacks during the Colonial and Fortress Ages and is usually the time when he is defeated by other AIs on higher difficulties.

However, should Henry be left alone by the AIs during those two Ages, he will become stronger during the Industrial and Imperial Ages due to the extra resources from his intense economic policies. His settlement can be easily razed if the player's army can beat his in battle.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

As an ally[edit | edit source]

  • Beginning of game - "I am sure we will make an excellent team." or "Pleased to make your alliance."
  • Offers player food - "Your settlers look mighty thin, perhaps they could use some food." or "Eat to live, not live to eat."
  • Offers player wood - "Use this timber to your advantage." or "This lumber should help strengthen your town's infrastructure."
  • Offers player coin - "Don't spend this all on ale." or "Put this money to good use."
  • Requesting food - "My soldiers have been reduced to eating their boots. Do you have any food?"
  • Requesting wood - "My lumberjacks have gone on strike. Do you have any wood?"
  • Requesting coin -
  • Receives food - "The children shall eat, thanks to your generosity."
  • Receives wood - "Ah, so much wood to build new buildings with! Thank you, my friend."
  • Receives coin - "Thanks for the coin. I'm off to the tavern now."
  • Declined player resource request - "Unfortunately I have spent too much money on wine, women, and song to afford that." or "I regret to say my strained economy simply cannot bear such a burden."
  • Player Ages faster than Henry - "Very very impressive. I should be advancing shortly."
  • Player claims the first Treasure - "The first treasure (nugget), surely an omen of good fortune."
  • Player collects multiple Treasures - "Your plundering skills are amazing. Do you happen to have a treasure map by chance?"
  • Enemy constructs a Trading Post (Trade Route) - "It looks as if the enemy is trying to get a leg on us economically."
  • Enemy constructs a Trading Post (natives) - "Figures. The enemy is recruiting the locals to help them."
  • Explorer is incapacitated - "No! I have lost my explorer."
  • Constructing a Town Center - "I have decided to build my next town center approximately right here."
  • Constructing a Fort - "I'm going to set up military operations in this area."
  • Agreeing to a strategy - "Alright."
  • Agreed attack - "Good thinking."
  • Decline attack - "My army is non-existent. There is nothing I can do." or "Until I can recruit more troops, I'm afraid I cannot help."
  • Under attack - "To arms, to arms! My base is under siege." or "They have me surrounded. I will do what I can, but I am greatly in need of your troops."
  • Initiating attack - "I am going to attack the enemy base now." or "As we speak my troops are readying themselves to strike at the heart of the enemy's base." or "I shall send my soldiers to the enemy front."
  • Major battle - "My strategists predict a victory." or "This will be a battle the poets will tell of for many years." or "Our alliance will prove certain victory."
  • Near defeat -
  • About to win with Trade Monopoly - "We are about to win this war, and it is all the more glorious because we will win with a Trade Monopoly!"
  • About to lose with Trade Monopoly - "Our enemy seeks to win with a Trade Monopoly. Needless to say, this effort will end in failure."
  • Losing a Trade Monopoly - "We have suffered a strategic blow. Our Trade Monopoly is no more." or "I have sad news: We have lost our Trade Monopoly."

As an enemy[edit | edit source]

  • Beginning of game - "How is it again they say 'prepare to die' in your native tongue?" or "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Of course, it will be even more of a pleasure to destroy you." or "Always a pleasure to meet new opponents to conquer."
  • Increased difficulty -"It's always nice to challenge ourselves isn't it ?"
  • Plays a map where he won previously - "This all seems so familiar to me."
  • Collecting a gold-related Treasure - "Ooh, shiny."
  • Player claims the first Treasure - "Congratulations, you have found the first treasure! You can resign now." or "You have collected the first treasure, and you will also be the first to die. Coincidence? I think not."
  • Player collects Treasure - "Hand that over, by order of the Portuguese royal empire."
  • Player does not claim Treasures - "In case you forgot, collecting treasure is a good thing."
  • Player is the first to reach the Colonial Age - "I shall tell them to put, 'First to reach the colonial age' on your tombstone."
  • Player advances slower in Age than Henry - "I feel so sorry for your poor technological advancements. I'm almost tempted to send you some resources. Heh, almost." or "Technological advancements are marvelous things. You should try them sometime."
  • Player rushes through Ages - "Your speed may be impressive, but your strength may be lacking." or "Fancy technology will mean little when my army plunders your town."
  • Player constructs a Trading Post (natives) - "Resorting to hiring the natives, I see. Typical."
  • Destroys player's Trading Post (natives) - "Ha ha. I have freed the natives from your oppression."
  • Player constructs a Trading Post (Trade Route) - "Do not think that trade site alone will win you the game."
  • Destroys player's Trading Post (Trade Route) - "I have destroyed your trading post. What are you going to do?"
  • Player destroys his Trading Post (natives) - "Destroying the local culture is reprehensible, why don't you strike at me instead?"
  • Player destroys his Trading Post (Trade Route) - "Cutting off my trade routes will not save you from the wrath of my army."
  • Destroys the player's Town Center - "I shall keep the rubble from your town as a souvenir of my conquests."
  • Player destroys Town Center - "You have razed my town center, you filthy swine!"
  • His Explorer collapsed then recovered: "Behold. My explorer walks again."
  • Small force enters territory - "You call that an army?"
  • Large force enters territory - "Alright. We'll call it a draw!"
  • Player victory during major battle - "They actually won... I am absolutely flabbergasted."
  • Major battle - "This shall be a battle for the history books ... and I shall be recorded as the victor." or "Any last requests before I rip your army asunder?"
  • Surrender - "Somehow you outwitted me. Now I am forced to surrender." or "Clearly I underestimated you. So I must resign."
  • Player about to win with Trade Monopoly - "You are about to win with your Trade Monopoly. I supposed you think this is a great achievement, but it is not."
  • About to win with Trade Monopoly - "I suppose you should send your army to the next war you might. We are about to win this one with our Trade Monopoly alone!"
  • Destroying player's Trade Monopoly - "Your Trade Monopoly has been easily stopped by my army. Do you have any other ideas?", "It appears that your Trade Monopoly has crumbled into dust. How sad."
  • Attacking player's Trade Monopoly - "How do you expect your Trade Monopoly to stand before my armies?"
  • Getting a Trade Monopoly - "You will taste a new flavor of defeat soon, we have just started the Monopoly timer!" or "The Trade Monopoly timer has started, and it is not your Monopoly, my enemy!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Henry is related to all other European AIs, closely to Queen Elizabeth I (whose great-great-grandfather married the wife of Henry's second cousin) and to Queen Isabella. The latter's maternal grandfather was Henry's younger brother; her paternal grandmother was also the daughter of John of Gaunt (Henry's grandfather). Her maternal grandmother was also the daughter of Henry's youngest brother; making Henry Isabella's granduncle and great-granduncle (twice).
  • He and Maurice of Nassau (or Orange) are the only two Age of Empires III AIs that are not monarchs in their own right.
  • His house is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • He has Spanish, Portuguese, English, Scottish, French, and Dutch blood.
  • There is a typo error when someone builds a Trading Post on a Trade Route; Henry says "that" twice in his sentence.
  • Henry is the oldest AI personality of the game. There are no contemporaries to his time.
  • He is also one of the AI player names of the Portuguese in Age of Empires II.

History[edit | edit source]

Henry the Navigator, or Infante Dom Henrique, as he was known in his native Portugal, was born in 1394 and died in 1460. He was a prince of Portugal, but perhaps his most important title was that of governor of the Order of Christ, which was a successor to the Knights Templar. The Order of Christ controlled vast resources, which helped to fund Prince Henry's real passion: exploration.

Prince Henry is rightly credited with inspiring the sense of adventure that led to the European era of exploration and discovery. Henry surrounded himself with expert cartographers and navigators. In addition, he was instrumental in the development of a new type of ship, the caravel. Without it, Columbus would have been hard pressed to sail to the Americas.

In Age of Empires III: Henry is mostly agreeable, calm, and far-sighted. He favors economic expansion over military force and understands the value of trade. Henry is a generous and cooperative ally.
—In-game history section

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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