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This article is about the unit in Age of Mythology. For the Priest in other games in the series, see Priest.

The Priest is the main Egyptian hero in Age of Mythology. He is in essence a lesser version of the Pharaoh, though a player can have any number of Priests. Like other Heroes, the Priest has a large attack bonus against myth units. Though they do not start with the ability to pick up Relics, they are able to do so after Hands of the Pharaoh, a technology in The Titans, has been researched.

Additional powers[]

All Priests can heal allied units at 7.5 HP per second, somewhat more slowly than the Pharaoh, though this rate is doubled by researching Spirit of Ma'at (see below). Priests can also build Obelisks, Egyptian-only buildings that have a wide Line of Sight to help with scouting. Each major god grants the Priest a further power as follows.


Priests of Set can convert any huntable wild animal (with the notable exception of Ducks and Chickens) to the player's cause. The conversion time depends on the type of animal; it ranges from 18 seconds for a Gazelle up to 1 minute for a Rhinoceros. Converted animals cost no resources and take up very few population slots. This enables the Set player to create a cheap army of animals early in the game when resources are low. Alternatively, converted animals can be used to scout or as food.


Isis' Priests build Obelisks more quickly and at a reduced price, making them better at scouting. This enables Isis players to better maintain line of sight across the map.


Ra's Priests can empower buildings like the Pharaoh, though less effectively. The effects of a Ra Priest's empowerment are as follows:

  • Buildings are built 30% faster
  • Units are trained 20% faster
  • Technologies are researched 20% faster
  • Buildings fire arrows twice as fast
  • Drop sites create 15% 'extra' resources
  • Monuments accumulate favor 15% faster

Ra's Priests can substantially boost the player's economy, especially if several of them are used.


Attack bonuses[]

Other bonuses[]

Heroes' Age advance bonus: +10% attack and hit points in Classical, Heroic and Mythic Ages.

Additional Age advance bonuses:

  • Classical Age: +9 range, +8 LOS
  • Heroic Age: +7 range, +6 LOS
  • Mythic Age: +3 range, +2 LOS

Table of Priest's statistics:

Age Attack HP Range LOS
Archaic Age 1.5 90 3 8
Classical Age 3.3 99 12 16
Heroic Age 3.6 108 19 22
Mythic Age 3.9 117 22 24





In battle, Priests function mainly as ranged support units as they are fragile and weak against human soldiers. However, they still form a crucial part of any Egyptian army: they are the Egyptians' main answer to myth units and their ability to heal prolongs an army's life. From the Classical Age, Priests have a long ranged attack; this improves further in later Ages.

Priests are also the Egyptians' designated scout. They can be used as such, at least in the Archaic Age when there is no real alternative. Although they are slow and have poor line of sight in the early game, they can build Obelisks: cheap but fragile structures that provide broad Line of Sight until they are destroyed. Though Priests are still useful at building Obelisks in later ages, other units such as Spearmen are better at scouting as they are cheaper and much faster.


Age of Mythology[]

  • Originally, Ra's Priests could empower gathering to the same degree as Pharaohs. With patch 1.05, Ra's Priests give less of a bonus than Pharaohs when empowering drop-off points.
  • Originally, Priests did ×5 damage against myth units. With patch 1.05, this was changed to ×7.


  • Originally the Priest had the ability to convert human soldiers and buildings. This feature was removed as it was considered unbalanced - it potentially granted the Egyptians access to all human units.
    • Despite this, the Chinese Monk was introduced with the ability to convert human soldiers, although it cannot convert buildings.
  • The Priest is one of the most accurate units. He can hit moving targets, such as the Camelry and Raiding Cavalry, with a maximum speed of 6.00 (6 feet per second).