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This article is about the unit in Age of Empires III. For the Priest in other games of the series, see Priest.

Heals injured units.
—In-game description

Priests are Healer units in Age of Empires III that can be trained at the Church. They can heal all allied units of their own, except ships which repair themselves while docked.

Unlike in previous games, Priests do not convert enemy units. If told to interact with them, they will attack (rather pitifully) with their fists, since they don't carry weapons.

Several civilizations have their own unique equivalent to the Priest, including the Ottomans (Imam), Spanish (Missionary), Aztecs (Warrior Priest), Haudenosaunee and Lakota (Healer), and Inca (Priestess). Asian civilizations do not have a Priest equivalent but their Monks can heal friendly units (Chinese require the Temple of Heaven wonder, Japanese require Reiki).

Priests can be garrisoned in the same buildings as settlers, and count as a settler when adding to a Town Center's attack.


Although a rare sight in multiplayer games, priests have a niche strategy involving the Russian TEAM Patriarchy Home City Card. This card allows training a little mass of priests who will act as effective meat shields, since there aren't any units with multipliers against them. Enemy soldiers will be distracted and shoot at them, giving the Russian player and his allies a tactical advantage.

Civilization differences[]

Further statistics[]

Unit strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Nothing
Weak vs. Everything
Hit points Unction Mission Fervor (+50%)
Tar kilns Tar Kilns (+5%)
Line of Sight Town Watch Town Watch (+3)
Train time Unction Mission Fervor (-50%)
Immigrants Immigrants (-10%)
Cost Mapuche Ad-mapu Mapuche Ad-mapu (-10% coin cost)
Golden liberty Golden Liberty (-5% coin cost)
Healing rate Unction Mission Fervor (+50%)

Home City Cards[]

Click for a list of Home City Cards related to the Priest
Some cards are highlighted with:
Green TEAM Shipment that is sent to each player in a team
Blue Shipment that arrives fast (5 seconds)


Card Description Age
Chinese Home City 1 (TEAM Yongle Infrastructure) TEAM Yongle Infrastructure Ships 1 Mongol Scout; infantry, land villagers, healing units, Envoys, and Disciples get +5% speed
Age I tech tree aoe3


Card Description Age
Inca Home City 2 (TEAM Inca Bridges) TEAM Inca Bridges Ships 1 Chasqui; infantry, land villagers, healing units, and Envoys get +5% speed
Age I tech tree aoe3


Card Description Age
Shivajis tactics TEAM Shivaji's Tactics All units get +5% hit points and attack
Age IV tech tree aoe 3


Card Description Age
Japanese Home City 3 (Pioneers) TEAM Jujutsu Villagers get +35% hit points; Surgeons, Priests, Architects, Native Scouts, and Envoys get +20% attack; Disciples and Shaolin Masters get +10% attack; units affected by villager upgrades get +10% hit points
Age I tech tree aoe3


Card Description Age
Maltese Home City 2 (TEAM Knights of the Round Table) TEAM Knights of the Round Table Ships 1 Hospitaller for each Town Center owned by the player; all units get +2% hit points
Age I tech tree aoe3


Card Description Age
Mexican Home City 2 (TEAM Mariachi) TEAM Mariachi For the next 30 seconds, military buildings work 400% faster and units get +10% speed
Age I tech tree aoe3


Card Description Age
Russian Home City 1 (Cheap Priests) TEAM Patriarchy Healing unit cost and train time -50%; Healer, Warrior Priest, and Priestess train time -15% instead
Age II tech tree aoe3


Card Description Age
Spanish Home City 3 (Inquisition) TEAM Spanish Inquisition Ships 1 Inquisitor; all units get +10 Line of Sight
Age II tech tree aoe3


Card Description Age HC level
Shivajis tactics TEAM Shivaji's Tactics All units get +5% hit points and attack
Age IV tech tree aoe 3


Card Description Age HC level
Russian Home City 1 (Cheap Priests) TEAM Patriarchy Healing unit cost -50% and train time -75%; Healer and Warrior Priest train time -15% instead
Age II tech tree aoe3


Card Description Age HC level
Spanish Home City 3 (Inquisition) TEAM Inquisition All units get +10 Line of Sight
Age I tech tree aoe3


3Icon48px Age of Empires III[]

  • Priests cost 200 coin, give 20 XP when trained or killed, train in 40 seconds, have 360 hit points, and have no train limit.

Age3DE Icon Definitive Edition[]

  • Priests cost 150 coin, give 15 XP when trained or killed, and train in 30 seconds. Healing rate is set to 10.
  • With update 23511, Priests have a train limit of 30.

Age3DE Icon Knights of the Mediterranean[]

  • With update 13.18214, Priests cost 100 coin, give 10 XP when trained or killed, and have 200 hit points.


  • The Priest has three model variants: one common for British, Dutch, French and Swedes, one for the Germans and Russians and one exclusive for the Portuguese. The Portuguese Priest resembles the Spanish Missionary but does not ride a donkey.
  • Although the Spanish and Ottomans have unique variants of the Priest, there are unused in-game models and voice files for Spanish and Ottoman Priests in the game files and in the Scenario Editor. The unused Spanish Priest uses the same model as the British, Dutch and French variant, and uses the Missionary's voice files, while the unused Ottoman Priest uses the Imam's model and voice files.
  • Originally, the Priest carried a staff, like the Priest of Age of Empires and the Monk of Age of Empires II. It is possible to see a Priest carrying a staff in the model and art shown in the history portrait. The Priest once again carries a staff in the Definitive Edition.


Religion was at the core of early colonial life, whether seeking religious freedoms in the New World or making the arduous journey to convert the Native Americans. Priests, pastors, and lay leaders of the various settlements, colonies, and missions sought to give strength to the struggling communities, binding them together through the bond of shared faith.

Though he was never ordained, William Ames' works made him a prominent theologian in the New World, though he never made it to the colonies. Persecution for non-conformist religious practices sent him to Holland, where he spent many years teaching and writing, dogged by the British sovereignty until he decided that it was time to venture to the New World. He grew sick and died before he could make the trip, but his works were treasured by Protestant colonists in the New World.


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