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Polytheism is a technology in Age of Empires that can be researched once the temple is constructed. It increases the speed of the Priest by 40%.

Polytheism is available to all civilizations except for the Carthaginians, Hittites and Palmyrans.


The first religions embraced a multitude of gods, each associated with one aspect of life.  There might have been a sun god, a moon god, a god of the forest, a god of the river, and so on.  The multitude of gods was useful in understanding how the world worked and in directing petition and prayer for specific help and relief.  The existence of multiple gods increased the power of priests because each god had special needs and abilities that needed interpretation.  The ancient Egyptians, for example, worshipped around 2000 gods.  Many of these were any local deities, but others were held sacred throughout the country.
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