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The Polyphemus in Greek legend was a mighty Cyclops. In Age of Mythology, he is the Mythic Age Greek hero for Poseidon.

Attack bonuses[]




Polyphemus has the highest hit points and the highest attack against Myth Units of all the Greek Heroes. His special attack is a whack with his mace, flinging units in the air and dealing them moderate damage. Like all Greek Heroes he is strong against myth units but can take on almost any unit in the game.


Age of Mythology[]

  • Polyphemus has 3.5 speed and 540 hit points, and his special attack can affect both human and myth units.

Tale of the Dragon[]

  • Polyphemus has 4.1 speed. His special attack now works more reliably on slow retreating enemies.
  • With patch 2.8, Polyphemus has 700 hit points and his special attack only affects myth units, but will now instantly kill them.


Age -- 205
Homeland -- Sicily
Occupation -- Shepherd

Special attack -- Whomps units with his mace

This son of Poseidon was a Cyclops who lived a solitary existence in a cave near Sicily herding sheep. His life was interrupted when Odysseus and his men landed nearby seeking food during their journey home from Troy. Odysseus wanted to see a Cyclops, so he and his crew hid in Polyphemus’ cave. Gasping at the sight of the one-eyed giant, they revealed their presence and the Cyclops grabbed two of the men and ate them. He blocked the stone cave entrance with a large rock and continued eating two men each meal. Desperate, Odysseus and his men fashioned a large pole into a spear and stabbed Polyphemus in the eye after getting him drunk. The men then hung from the bellies of the sheep when the Cyclops let them out the next day. Not content with their escape, Odysseus taunted Polyphemus from his ship and revealed his name. The Cyclops called upon his father Poseidon to curse the Greeks and the god complied, harassing Odysseus for the rest of his journey.
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