"That's one big Polar Bear"
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Polaris is a unit encountered in the Brokk's Journey scenario of The Golden Gift campaign in Age of Mythology. They are identical in appearance to a wild Polar Bear but far more powerful. A pair of them fight alongside Folstag, the Frost Giant, and can be dangerous adversaries for unprepared players. Polaris cannot be trained at any time and is exclusively found in the Scenario Editor.

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History Edit

Scientific name -- Ursus maritimus
Size -- males up to 1700 lbs., females up to 600 lbs.
Diet -- seals, whales, caribou

Polar bears live farther north than any other land mammal and are the largest living land carnivores.

Polar bears use a variety of hunting techniques. White fur and padded paws means they can stalk seals resting on the ice. They have been known to wait next to seal breathing holes for hours in order to pull a 250 lb. seal up onto the ice. They are also strong enough to create new breathing holes to bait seals.

Despite their hunting strategies, polar bears make successful kills less than 15% of the time. Fortunately, they can eat a lot of meat, over 150 lbs. at one sitting, and can go without food for weeks. Scores of polar bears have been seen feeding off the carcasses of dead whales.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though they have the hero birth and death effects and even "(Hero)" beside their name, they are in fact not considered heroes and are instead myth units.
  • They have a Greek voice, coupled with the fact that 2 of them are encountered and they share their name with one of the stars of the constellation of Ursa Minor, this seems to indicate that they are a reference to the myth of Callisto and Arcas, who were turned into the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, respectively.
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