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This article is about the technology in Age of Mythology. For similiar technologies in other games of the series, see Plow.

Plow is a common technology in Age of Mythology. It improves the rate at which workers gather food from Farms.


  • +10% farming gather rate for non-Egyptian workers.
  • +22% farming gather rate for Egyptian workers.

Although it may seem unfair that Egyptians receive such a large boost, it is only to counteract the fact that Egyptian Farmers about 20% slower than those of other cultures (compared to other resources which they are only 10% slower at gathering). That is to discourage Archaic Age farming, which Egyptians are the only culture capable of, and Plow (which requires the Classical Age) is meant to nullify that initial handicap.


The advance of agricultural production was greatly enhanced by the improvement of the plow, especially when the plow was harnessed to a strong pulling animal. Prior to the plow, farming was practical only in relatively soft ground that could be broken with digging sticks for the placement of seeds. The continually improving plow harnessed to an ox or horse could break open dryer and tougher ground much more quickly than hand tools. This allowed more land to be farmed and increased farm worker productivity.

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