Pleasing the Gods is the second scenario of the Learn to Play tutorial campaign in Age of Mythology. Arkantos returns to the camp after slaying the Cyclops, and starts to build a Temple.

The scenario teaches the player how to gather resources and construct buildings.

Objectives Edit

  1. Left-click the Town Center. (The Town Center is the structure in the middle of your town. Using your mouse, left-click directly on it.)
  2. Train a Villager. (The Villager button will flash in the box near the bottom left of the screen. Using your mouse, left-click directly on the button.)
  3. With a Villager selected, right-click on a goat to gather Food. (There are four goats and they are located near the bottom corner of your Town Center. In future scenarios, exploring the map well will reveal many sources of Food.)
  4. With a Villager selected, right-click on the Farm to gather Food. (The Farm is flashing and is located near the top corner of your Town Center. In future senarios, having Villagers build lots of Farms can provide an endless supply of Food.)
  5. Gather 100 Gold, 100 Food, and 100 Wood. (Select Villagers, then right-click on resources such as trees, Gold Mines, and food sources.)
  6. Select a Villager, left-click the Temple button, then left-click in the main game window where you want to place the Temple. (The Temple button will flash in the box near the bottom left of the screen when you have a Villager selected. For the Greeks, all buildings are built this way.)
  7. Earn five Favor. (Select Villagers and right-click directly on the Temple to earn favor. Your Favor total is located in the very bottom-left corner of the screen)

Players Edit

Enemy Edit

  • Enemy (Isis): Has one Town Center, one Pharaoh, one Priest, and two villagers in the northern part of the map. The only purpose of their presence on the map was to prevent instant victory for the player, and the developers attempted to block any possible interaction between them and the player by impeding access to their base with forests and cliffs.

Strategy Edit

The player starts out in the Archaic Age, with Poseidon as the major god. When the player trains a Villager and starts to gather food, seven more Villagers will appear.

The player will be tasked with gathering 100 wood, food, and gold, and then construct a Temple. Once the player gathers five favor at the Temple, the scenario is over.

It is technically possible to attack the enemy by using the Toxotes provided at the start of the scenario, and to win the scenario by conquest. First, cut down all the trees surrounding the enemy base; then, use Arkantos to lure the enemies' ranged attack (from Pharaoh, Priest, and Town Center) away from the Toxotes, while the Toxotes painstakingly attacks the Town Center, 1 HP at a time; Finally, periodically move both Arkantos and the Toxotes out of the enemies' range in order for Arkantos' HP to regenerate.