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This article is about the unit. For the map, see Pilgrims.

The Pilgrim is an economic unit in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. It is similar to the Settler, but can only be found on the Plymouth map, along with a Turkey Scout.

At the beginning of the game, Pilgrims can be found seated around a table with food on it. They are dressed in black and white clothes, with the women with the same type of dress as a regular Settler and the men wearing tall hats.


Similarly to other gatherers, Pilgrims are meant to gather resources at early game, construct buildings and towards the late game, gather from Farms and Estates.

What sets them apart from the rest of the gatherers is their slightly improved hit points; they have improved survivability against early rushes, and are even capable of facing and beating early units, such as Pikemen and Crossbowmen.

Their extra HP also makes them more ideal for assisting heroes and Explorers at fighting Treasure Guardians, especially animal ones, who fight exclusively in melee.


Being similar to Settlers and Villagers, Pilgrims can be assigned with the following tasks:

  • Pilgrims can build most of the buildings given the colony has the right amount of resources, space and is at the right Age.
  • Pilgrims can gather food from Berry Bushes, Cherry Orchards, and huntable animals. Pilgrims may also be tasked to a Mill, Farm or Rice Paddy which will generate infinite Food, but at a slower rate. Alternatively, food can also be gathered from livestock.
  • Pilgrims can gather wood from trees which usually can be found plenty and rarely runs out. Alternatively, they can gather from Mango Groves.
  • Pilgrims can gather coin from Mines and tasking settlers to work on an Estate or Rice Paddy will generate Coin, similarly to a Mill.
  • When resource shipments arrive from the Home City, they do so in the form of Crates (food), Cords (wood), and Chests (coin) at the assigned shipment arrival point, which usually is the first Town Center, but can be changed to certain other units and buildings. They must be unpacked by a gatherer in order to add them to your resources.
  • Similarly to Explorers and other heroes, the Pilgrim may also collect Treasures.


  • While the game lacks a history section for the Pilgrims, it is clear they are meant to represent the Puritans of Massachusetts, a well-known group of Calvinist English settlers. Their movement lasted in New England from 1620 with the arrival of the Mayflower, until 1697 following the aftermath of the Salem Witch Trials.
  • When playing as any civilization other than the British, the Pilgrims speak the language of the player's civilization.


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