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Pig Sticker is a Norse myth technology in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Thor and can be researched at the Ox Cart. Once researched, it improves the hunting ability of Gatherers and Dwarves by giving them ×5 pierce damage for their ranged attack used against animals and increasing the gathering speed of food from hunting by +20%.


Aom original icon Age of Mythology[]

  • Pig Sticker increases the hunting rate of Gatherers and Dwarves by 10%. With patch 1.02, Pig Sticker increases the hunting rate of Gatherers and Dwarves by 20%.


Tanngnjostr ("Teeth-grinder") and Tanngrisnir ("Teeth-barer") were the names of the two goats that drew Thor's chariot. Every night, if he wished, Thor could slaughter and eat these two for dinner. If he saved and buried their bones, the two goats would be fully restored when he awoke in the morning.

"She set forth salvers full, adorned with silver, on the table game and pork, and roasted birds. In a can was wine; the cups were ornamented. They drank and talked; the day was fast departing, Rig would counsel give to them both."

-- The Poetic Eddas, The Lay of Rig'
—In-game help section
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