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The Pig is a herdable animal in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and Age of Mythology.

Age of Empires II[]

The Pig is introduced in the Definitive Edition. Their statistics and use are the same as Sheep; they have 7 hit points, hold 100 food, and the same speed, and can be converted by other players.

They may also be used to scout around in early stages of the game, although their poor Line of Sight, slow movement, and possibility of being stolen by the enemy means this is of limited effectiveness. This is exactly what priest Kozma advices Ivaylo during the fourth scenario of the campaign.


Age of Mythology[]

The Pig provides 300 food when fully fattened, and contains 100 when obtained. Pigs fatten at a base rate of 0.175 food per second, making them the slowest auto-gatherer of food of all herdables. They are found mainly on Egyptian and Greek-themed maps, where Goats are not present.

Pigs are not advised to be used as scouts due to their short Line of Sight and poor speed. The use of Pigs in food production can be effective after researching Husbandry and after all hunting opportunities have been exhausted; as a herdable unit, it is the second fastest form of food gathered by Villagers, behind the aforementioned hunt.

If the Greeks worship Aphrodite in the Heroic Age, they will gain access to the Curse god power, which will turn random human soldiers in a group into Pigs, typically cutting the force into half, and providing the victor with some food.

In the Fall of the Trident campaign, Arkantos and Ajax stop on an island and meet Odysseus and his men, have all transformed into pigs by the sorceress Circe, whilst Arkantos and Ajax are transformed into Boars.



Scientific name -- Sus scrofa
Size -- Up to 500 lbs.
Diet -- omnivorous on roots, fruit and seeds, but also small vertebrates and invertebrates

Domestic pigs were bred from the wild boar in ancient Mesopotamia. Like goats, pigs were popular and common in agriculture because they can forage on their own and are not picky about their diets. Pigs, in fact, may be more cosmopolitan than goats since they can eat meat, spoiled food, and otherwise act as garbage disposals. Some ancient societies had prohibitions against eating pigs, that may be related to trichinosis and other diseases that come from pork. Herodotus indicates that at least upper-class Egyptians considered pork to be unclean. Nevertheless, there is ample evidence that even in ancient Egypt, pig farming was a major industry. Inscriptions indicate that the mayor of el-Kab owned a herd of 1500 pigs. And the temples at Memphis and Abydos held large herds of swine on their premises.
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Transformed sailors[]

Who was this pig before Circe's dire curse?
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