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This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Petsuchos (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

The Petsuchos is a Heroic Age myth unit only available to Egyptians who worship Hathor. Its form is that of a large bejeweled crocodile.

Attack bonuses[]

  • Myth Units: ×2
  • heroes: ×0.25



The Petsuchos attacks at long range with a 100% accurate focused beam of sunlight. This deals high pierce damage and is especially effective against human soldiers and other myth units. Due to its high damage and long range, the Petsuchos makes an excellent support unit, particularly when massed. It is also fairly effective at destroying buildings as, in addition to their pierce attack, it deals crush damage, and (with Crocodopolis researched) can out-range towers and fortresses.

This myth unit has no special ability other than 100% accuracy. It can be upgraded at the Egyptian Temple to Petsuchos Ra, which increases its range and line of sight. As with all myth units, heroes will kill them easily.


Scientific name -- Crocodilus tyranosuchos

Size -- 400 lbs, 24' long

Diet -- sunlight

"Petsuchos" is the Greek rendering of an Egyptian word meaning "he who belongs to Suchos," the crocodile god also known as Sobek. The Petsuchos was the sacred crocodile of Suchos kept in a private lake in the city of Crocodopolis. He was an old, pampered beast who wore golden rings in his ears and riveted bracelets on his forelegs.


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