Pets are animals in Age of Empires III that can be controlled by the player. They possess the Pet tag.

One of the more common pets in the game is the Dog, as an Explorer Dog is available to all Explorers through the Home City, apart from the Spanish, who can train five War Dogs instead.

War Chiefs can train pet Coyotes, Wolves, or Jaguars, with the right Home City Card, and Indian Monks can train pet Tigers.

There are also other pets, usually found through Treasures or sent from the Home City, available to all civilizations.

The WarChiefs enables civilizations added in the pack to use their War Chief to tame Treasure Guardians, including animals, however the resulting units are still tagged as Treasure Guardians and not as Pets.

Settlers of all types have a x2.0 multiplier against Pets. Concomitantly, Pets have a negative multiplier against Settlers.

List of Pets Edit

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