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Peru is one of the revolutionary nations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, available to the Portuguese and Spanish.


Home City Cards[]

Purple: Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times
Card Description
Gran Colombia Home City (Gatling Guns).png 4 Gatling Guns Ships 4 Gatling Guns
Gran Colombia Home City (Ironclads).png 2 Ironclads Ships 2 Ironclads
Peru Home City (Andean Warriors).png Andean Warriors Ships 6 Legendary Huaracas
Mexico Home City (Fort Wagon).png 1 Fort Wagon 1 Fort Wagon; Fort build limit +1
Mexico Home City (Cattle Drivers).png Cattle Drivers Ships 8 semi-fattened Cows, 1 Comanchero, and 1 Homestead Wagon; Cow train limit +8
Gran Colombia Home City (Llaneros).png Morochucos Ships 10 Cows and 10 Morochucos (Comancheros with a ranged attack firing in bursts, cost 120 food, uses 1 population, can build Livestock Pens, train Cows, and gather from livestock); Upgrades Comancheros to Morochucos and allows them to be trained at Stable, Fort, Galleon, and Saloon; Cow train limit +10
Peru Home City (Peruvian Guard).png Peruvian Guard Upgrade Revolutionaries to Peruvian Guards with a secondary grenade attack; ships 10 Peruvian Guards
Mexico Home City (Citizenship).png Citizenship Ships 6 Citizens (Settlers) and allows them to be trained at the Town Center for 70 coin, and allows Fishing Boats to be trained at the Dock


Like most revolutions included in the Definitive Edition, picking Peru can be a finishing move. One appeal that Peru offers is that it ships Simon Bolivar when picking this revolution; in the Definitive Edition, Simon Bolivar has an aura that increases the hitpoints of surrounding units by 5%, as well as having all the traits heroes have. He can also train Revolutionaries and Peruvian Guards (once the respective shipment arrives). Peru also gives the player access to the Morochucos that are another Comanchero variant in the same vein as Gauchos, Vaqueros and Cowboys. They only ocuppy 1 population space as well as being able to gather food from herdable animals. Peru, unlike other Revolutions, can use a card to upgrade Revolutionaries to Peruvian Guards which have a secondary grenade attack used when the target is between 12 and 18 range. This makes it effectively a super Grenadier, having half prize and population, 6 more range and no negative multiplier, with a 2 multiplier at medium range against cavalry, covering the Grenadiers' biggest weakness. Peru can also access the Huaraca unit through shipments.

Recommended shipment cards[]

For Spanish and Portuguese
  • Fencing School: This facilitates the further creation of Revolutionaries and Peruvian Guards.
  • Riding School: This can facilitate the further creation of Morochucos.
  • Advanced Arsenal: Improvements allowed by this shipment benefit all the units Peru Provides.
  • Landgrab: Makes Livestock Pens cheaper, which synergizes with the Morochuco ability of gathering from herdable animals.
  • Robber Barons (or Industrial Revolution) and Factory: Since the economy stops momentarily when revolting (as long as the player has not shipped Citizenship), having a trickle of resources is helpful.
  • LLama Ranching: Having already fattened herdables like Llamas before revolting can help, as Morochucos can gather their food.
  • 1 Covered Wagon: since Revolutionaries and their improved version the Peruvian Guard are created at Town Centers, having an extra one of these is helpful.
For Spanish
  • Unction: Missionaries increase the attack of nearby units; this of course can boost the attack of Morochucos, Peruvian Guards, Gatling Guns and Huaracas, and also stacks with the aura of Simon Bolivar.
  • Capitalism: Gives a coin trickle that is still active after revolting, so it can help to sustain economy while revolting.
  • Stockyards: Morochucos can gather food from herdables, and this shipment helps to fatten those faster.
For Portuguese
  • Bandeirantes: With this shipment and Peru revolution, the player will have more heroes than anyone else.
  • TEAM Gunpowder Infantry Hitpoints: Revolutionaries and Peruvian Guards are considered gunpowder infantry.
  • 2 Covered Wagons and Donatarios: These shipments increase the Town center limit as well as providing Covered Wagons to create them, and this synergizes in the sense that Peruvian Guards can be produced there.


  • Peru's availability to the Portuguese might reference the Iberian Union (which did exist and did control Peru during the time period the game is set in).