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The Persians are a Middle Eastern civilization in Age of Empires II. They focus on cavalry.

The Persians are based on the large number of Persian dynasties that existed throughout the Middle Ages. Although their design and description were largely inspired by the Sasanian Empire, they are supposed to represent all Persian factions that existed during the Middle Ages.

They were best known for their rivalry with the Roman Empire and gradual adoption of Islam following the Arab invasions. They would grow to become a major hub and center of the Islamic world, contributing much to Islamic art and culture. Like their predecessor in the original game, the Persians specialize in cavalry and navy.

Since BC, the region of Persia has been known as the place where various large empires like Parthia and Sassanid once stood. In addition, the region of Persia was also part of international trade routes between India, Far East, and the Middle East. This is reflected by two of their bonuses: They start the game with more food and wood, and their Town Centers possess higher HP and working speed. To ensure the safety of traveling ships in the Persian Gulf, the ruling empires stationed their military (including naval vessels) in the region. Therefore, Persian Docks also possess higher HP and work faster.

The Persians were known to employ powerful armored cavalry on the battlefield. This is reflected by their virtually complete Stable. The borders of the Sassanian Empire were often raided by various nomadic tribesmen; by Arabs to the south and by Central Asians to the north and east. Using neighboring vassal states (e.g. the Lakhmid Kingdom of Arab) as a buffer zone was one of the methods used by the Sassanian to stop these raids. To reflect this, the Persians have a team bonus which increases the attack of their Knights against archers.

During the Sassanian, Ghaznavid, and Timurid era, war elephants were part of the Persian military force. This is reflected by their unique unit, the War Elephant. The riders of elephants were known as Mahouts, and this name is used as one of the Persians unique technologies, which increases the War Elephants' movement speed. The Sassanian Empire was also known to build complex fortification lines along their borders. Thus, their other unique technology, Boiling Oil, provides Castles with additional attack against rams.

The Persians were also known to employ archers on the battlefield. This is reflected by their newest unique technology, Kamandaran, which removes the Gold cost from Archer-line units.

Overview Edit

The Persians are a cavalry civilization. They are in fact the only civilization to have access to the complete cavalry technology tree including the Blacksmith upgrades (bar the Battle Elephant as it is a semi-unique unit to the Southeast Asian civilizations). This also benefits their unique unit, the War Elephant. Their infantry and archer units are not very prominent as important upgrades such as Bracer, Two-Handed Swordsman, and Arbalester are missing. Still, the Persians can utilize fully upgraded Hand Cannoneers and Halberdiers. They also have access to a large variety of siege weapons, but they lack Siege Engineers. Their navy is overall strong, but the lack of Shipwright can be unfavorable in longer games, and the lack of Bracer hurts their Galleons as well. Their Monks are among the weakest of all civilizations, especially the lack of Heresy is unfortunate as the Persians rely on expensive units that are prone to conversion (Paladin, War Elephant). The defensive structures are also weak for the Persians as they cannot even upgrade their Stone Walls. Still, their Castles get all upgrades and the additional Boiling Oil. Their economy is simply excellent; they get all economy technologies as well as a head start with the additional resources given at the game start that is further bolstered by their faster working Town Centers.

Campaign appearances Edit

The Persians have no campaign devoted to their civilization (apart for their stage Bukhara in Battles of the Forgotten) but still make appearances in various campaigns. They appear in the following campaign scenarios:

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Battles of The Forgotten Edit

Characteristics Edit

Unique unit Edit

WarElephantIcon War Elephant: Slow but powerful cavalry unit

Unique technologies Edit

CastleAgeUnique Boiling Oil: Gives Castles +9 attack against rams (only available before the Definitive Edition).
CastleAgeUnique Kamandaran: Archer-line gold cost is replaced by additional wood cost (only in the Definitive Edition).
Unique-tech Mahouts: Increases War Elephant speed by +30%.

Civilization bonuses Edit

  • Start the game with +50 food and +50 wood.
  • Town Centers and Docks have double HP and work +5%/10%/15%/20% faster in the Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.

Team bonus Edit

Knights have +2 attack against archers.

Changelog Edit

The Age of Kings Edit

The Conquerors Edit

The Forgotten Edit

The African Kingdoms Edit

  • Initially can research Arrowslits. With patch 4.8, it was removed from the technology tree.

Rise of the Rajas Edit

  • Both non-Elite and Elite War Elephants now deal trample damage.

Definitive Edition Edit

In-game dialogue language Edit

In-game, Persian units speak Persian.

  • Āri (آری) - Yes
  • Āmāde (آماده) - Ready
  • Farmān (فرمان) - Order?
  • Salām (سلام) - Hello
  • Sahih (صحیح) - Correct
  • Mikonam (می‌کنم) - I'm doing it
  • Chubbor (چوب‌ بر) - Cut wood
  • Olufe jam'kon (علوفه جمع‌کن) - Gather the harvest
  • Shekārchi (شکارچی) - Hunter
  • Māhigir (ماهی‌گیر) - Fisher
  • Mikonam (می‌کنم) - For farming
  • Ma'danchi (معدن‌چی) - Miner
  • Me'mār (معمار) - Builder
  • Ta'mir kār (تعمیر کار) - Repairer
  • Hamle! (حمله!) - Attack!
  • Bejangid! (بجنگید!) - Fight!
  • Bejangid? (بجنگید؟) - Fight?

AI player names Edit

When playing a random map game against the computer, the player may encounter any of the following Persian AI characters:

  • Emp. Hormizd: A name of rulers of the Sasanian Empire, in early Age of Empires II era Hormizd III/Hormizd IV/Hormizd V/Hormizd VI.
  • Emp. Kavadh: A name of rulers of the Sasanian Empire, Kavadh I/Kavadh II.
  • Emp. Yazdgerd: A name of kings of the Sasanian Empire, Yazdegerd I/Yazdegerd II/Yazdegerd III.
  • King Bahram: A name of rulers of the Sasanian Empire, in early Age of Empires II era Bahram V/Bahram VI Chobin.
  • King Chosroes II: The last great king of the Sasanian Empire, reigning from 590 to 628.
  • Mohammad Shah: In the Age of Empires II era the last Seljuq amir of Kerman, from 1183 until 1186.
  • Mondhir: Munzir ibn Sawa Al Tamimi, the governor of the Persian Sasanian Empire in some parts of the Southern Persian Gulf.
  • Shah Rukh: Shahrukh Mirza, son of Tamerlane was the Timurid ruler of the eastern portion of the empire established by his father.
  • Shah Takash: Ala ad-Din Tekish, the Shah of Khwarezmian Empire from 1172 to 1200.
  • Yakub: Ya'qub ibn al-Layth al-Saffar, a Persian coppersmith, was the founder of the Saffarid dynasty of Sistan.

History Edit

The Persians as a culture existed for many centuries when the Middle Ages began. It had been reassembled following the conquest by Alexander in the fourth century BC and the subsequent breakup of his empire in later centuries.

The Persians had been fighting the Romans since the third century AD. The first dynasty during the Middle Ages, the Sassanid Empire stretched from Mesopotamia to India and from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, encompassing the modern nations of Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. They fought the Romans, and later the Byzantines, for control of modern Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, and Arabia. The capital of the Persian Empire was Ctesiphon, called Baghdad today. This dynasty is represented in the Attila the Hun campaign in the game, as the Huns briefly tried to invade their lands.

The lands of the Sassanids were eventually conquered by the Arabs in 651 AD, and became part of a larger empire for a time, before a new Persian dynasty emerged in 819 AD, the Samanids. Persian dynasties continued to come and go throughout the middle part of the Middle Ages, some of them being founded by peoples to the north of Iran, such as the Turks. The final of these dynasties, the Khwarezmid Empire, was eventually conquered in 1220 AD by the Mongols under Genghis Khan. As a result, this dynasty is represented in the Genghis Khan campaign in the game.

When the Mongol Empire split up, Persian became controlled by the Ilkhanate (1256-1335 AD), which eventually became more Persian than Mongol in culture. The Ilkhanate eventually fell apart and Iran became divided. A warlord from central Asia, known as Timur took control of Iran, with much bloodshed taking place. Eventually this dynasty took on a Persian culture.

The final Persian dynasty during the Middle Ages were the Safavids. They took control of Persia in 1501 AD from the Timurids, who had already been weakened by civil wars and disputes during the preceding century. The Safavids were arguably the most powerful Persian dynasty since the Sassanids and were a challenge both to the Ottoman Empire, and the Mughal Empire in India, which had been taken over from a descendant from the Timurid Dynasty.

Trivia Edit

  • The Persians' civilization icon is based on the emblem of the Sassanian Empire which features Simurgh, a mythical creature in Persian mythology.
  • The Persians are the only civilization in Age of Empires II that possess three different unique technologies with each different name.

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Persians Civilization Overview - Age of Empires 2

Persians Civilization Overview - Age of Empires 2

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