This article is about the hero in Age of Mythology. For the hero in Age of Empires, see Hero#Age of Empires.

Perseus is the Mythic Age hero for Hades in Age of Mythology.

Special Attack Edit

Gaze: instantly kills any myth unit. Recharge time: 24 seconds.

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Strategy Edit

Like all heroes, Perseus is very strong against Myth Units, and as a Greek hero he also fares well against all other units. He has the lowest attack of the Greek Heroes but his special ability makes up for this. His special attack is when he raises the Head of Medusa to petrify myth units. As with actual Medusa, this ability should be micromanaged to target the strongest myth units in an enemy army.

Changelog Edit

Age of Mythology Edit

  • Perseus' special attack has 5 range.

Tale of the Dragon Edit

  • Perseus' special attack has 10 range.

Mythology Edit

  • Age -- 36
  • Homeland -- originally Argos, later Seriphus and Mycenae
  • Occupation -- prince and hero
  • Special attack -- Medusa head petrifies myth units

The son of Zeus and Danae, the mortal daughter of the king of Argos, Perseus and his mother were banished by his grandfather who feared a prophecy that the grandson would kill him. Perseus grew to be a formidable warrior and protector of his mother. A suitor of his mother sent Perseus on a hopeless quest to kill Medusa, which he managed, nonetheless, with the help of Athena and Hermes. Returning home, he slew a ravaging sea monster and freed the beautiful Andromeda, whom he took as his wife. Perseus eventually killed his grandfather as prophesied, in an accident with a discus, but refused to become ruler of Argos. He ruled instead ruled over Tyryns and Mycenae, establishing a family whose descendants included Heracles.

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