This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Pegasus (Age of Empires: Mythologies).
The Pegasus (Greek Πήγασος) is a Greek Archaic Age flying scout myth unit in Age of Mythology. It is trained at a Temple of any Greek major god for a minimal cost. The Pegasus can also spawn at any player's Temple for free if they have captured the Bridle of Pegasus Relic.

Upgrades Edit

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The following upgrades are only available to a Pegasus spawned from the Temple via the Bridle of Pegasus Relic.

Strategy Edit

Pegasi have no attack and are purely used for scouting. They have several advantages over the other Greek scout, the Kataskopos, first the Pegasus being a flying unit can only be attacked by ranged units (and buildings) and the second major advantage is the Pegasus can fly over forests, cliffs and water making it able to scout much more efficiently and faster.

Mythology Edit

Scientific name -- Equus pegasus
Size -- 15.5 hands high
Diet -- grass, apples, sugar cubes

Pegasus was born from the severed neck of the slain gorgon Medusa. Bellerophon slew the mighty Chimera from the back of Pegasus after taming him with the help of Athena and the Golden Bridle. Pegasus later flew to Olympus when Zeus made him into a constellation.

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