Pax Mongolia is the sixth and final scenario of the Genghis Khan campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. The events that took shape in this scenario describes the time when the Mongol Empire reached its height following the conquest of eastern Europe, hence the name, Latin for "Mongol Peace".

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Objectives Edit

  • Defeat Hungary.
  • Survive until Subotai's reinforcements arrive.

Hints Edit

  • Because of the ice on the Sajo River, it is impossible to build ships.
  • We must use our Saboteurs wisely. We cannot train anymore.
  • Siege Onagers can flatten forests.

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Strategy Edit

The scenario begins with Genghis Khan's son's, Ogotai, base on one side of the Sajo River and Hungary's base on the other side. As mentioned in the scenario introduction, the river is partially frozen and the player can't build Docks, so at the beginning the only way across the river is over a Bridge. While Ogotai is told to hold out 40 minutes until Subotai arrives with reinforcements, said reinforcements only cosist of two Hunting Wolves and ten Saboteurs. Five minutes later, the Hungarians blow up the bridge and try to achieve victory via a Wonder, so the player has to find another way to avert defeat.

Early defenses Edit

The first few minutes of the scenario are still calm, so the player should use the time to build up an economy quickly and wall off the bridge funnel with Fortified Walls. This can stem the Hungarian tide a little, however the enemy also has Trebuchets at their disposal so the wall won't hold forever unattended. As the bridge is very narrow, the starting Saboteurs can blow up many Cavaliers and Teutonic Knights with one explosion. Mangonels and their upgrades are equally effective.

Going on the offensive Edit

After the initial wave, Hungary send much fewer and weaker units, so the player might even be able to push towards the enemy base and establish a head before the bridge is blown up. The classic Mongol army of a few Light Cavalry, mass (Elite) Mangudai, and mixed in siege weapons can deal with enemy units very effectively. Once a certain critical mass of fully upgraded Elite Mangudai is reached, they alone are sufficient to kill any opposition. Trebuchets should not be forgotten to deal with Hungary's many towers and Castles. A couple of Monks can also increase chances of Mangudai surviving, but it should be noted that the enemy units resist conversion.

Like mentioned above, after 40 minutes, Subotai arrives, and at the 45 minute mark, the bridge is destroyed. Now the two factions are completely separated, so the player doesn't have to worry about any raids, but Hungary will soon (52 minute mark) start building a Wonder.

Luckily, to the south the river can be crossed over thick ice, however the way ahead is blocked by trees. The fastest way through is by removing the trees via Siege Onager.

In whichever way the player crossed the river, defeating Hungary should not be too much of a problem with enough Elite Mangudai and some Trebuchets. If the player is running low on time, the remaining Saboteurs can rush in and swiftly take care of the Wonder.

Hungary doesn't resign easily, so most likely all of their units and military buildings, as well as their Markets have to be destroyed before victory is declared. Researching Spies can help find any stray enemy units or buildings.

Another tip Edit

If the player gets some Saboteurs across the Bridge they can stop the Wonder being built; the AI dislikes attacking them so the player can sit them in a corner nearby where the Wonder will be built (near the Town Center). Only one of them is needed to blow up the Wonder if it is attacked right after the start of the construction.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only scenario in the game besides the Lepanto and the William Wallace ones to have only one opponent.
  • The Hungarians - in this scenario represented as Teutons - were later introduced as the Magyars in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten.
  • Although the Mongols won the battle of Sajo River, Ogatai Khan died a year later, forcing the Mongol armies to withdraw to settle the succession debate.
  • The correct name of Sajo River is Sajó.
  • This is the first scenario in the entire series to introduce the Ice tearrain.

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