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Paper Talisman is a Chinese myth technology in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon that is available to worshipers of Sun Wukong and can be researched at the War Academy. Once researched, it increases the hack and pierce armor of Halberdiers by +10%.


When Sun Wukong reached his ultimate power, he managed to single-handedly defeat the entire Army of Heaven, consisting of 100,000 celestial warriors. As a last resort, the Jade Emperor appealed to the Buddha. The Buddha challenged Sun Wukong to escape from the palm of his hand. Sun Wukong knew he could jump 34,000 miles in one leap and agreed to the bet. He took one great leap to the end of the world, where he could see nothing but five pillars. Assuming he reached the ends of Heaven, he proudly urinated on the pillars and jumped back to the palm of the Buddha's hand. There he saw to his surprise that the five pillars were actually the five fingers of the Buddha's hand. Sun Wukong realised his failure and tried to escape, but the Buddha turned his hand into a mountain before he could do so. He then sealed the mountain with a Paper Talisman, holding Sun Wukong imprisoned for five centuries.
Chinese myth technologies in Age of Mythology
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