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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For buildings in other games in the series, see Palace.

The Palace is the Castle-type building for the Atlanteans in Age of Mythology. It is built more quickly than the Greek Fortress, Egyptian Migdol Stronghold, and Norse Hill Fort. Like with the Fortress and Hill Fort, the Palace trains elite and anti-building units. Unlike the Castle-type buildings of other civilizations, the Palace can garrison 12 units instead of 10.

In the Heroic Age, the sole unit available at the Palace is the Destroyer, which, though an infantry unit, is effectively a siege unit. Mythic Age units are the Fanatic, an elite unit, and the Fire Siphon, which is the Atlanteans' only regular siege weapon. The Palace is also where technologies that improve these units are researched.

Palaces fire multiple arrows at enemies within range, mowing down those with low pierce armor. They can be used to bolster a town's defenses, strengthen a player's claim to a neutral area, or as a forward base. They are, however vulnerable to melee attacks unless upgraded with Boiling Oil, and, while formidable at defense, they are not invincible. Siege weapons either out-range them or take little damage from their attacks. In a large enough group, human soldiers can destroy a Palace though not without suffering substantial losses.

Attack bonuses[]

  • Ships: ×6.0



Myth technologies[]


The Palaces of Atlantis were one of its many wonders. Originally fortresses, these tall, stone structures defended Atlantean temples and cities. Nine Great Palaces sat atop cliffs overlooking the harbors of Atlantis. No rulers lived in these nine Palaces - they served as gathering places for the Citizens of Atlantis, training grounds for the military and a safe place for all Atlanteans to shelter during storms and war.