This article is about the Norse unit in Age of Mythology. For the campaign unit in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, see Ox Cart (Age of Empires II).
The Ox Cart is a Norse unit in Age of Mythology. It is a mobile drop-off site for all resources and is where all economic technologies are researched. Because Ox Carts are mobile, there is no need to build new drop-off sites when resources are exhausted. Additionally, players can move the Ox Cart as close as possible to where the resources are being gathered, thus minimizing worker walk times (particularly for hunters and lumberjacks).

Disadvantages of Ox Carts are that they are vulnerable and occupy population slots. Also, as they can only be trained at the Town Center, training them takes up time that could be spent training worker units.

God Bonus Edit

  • Loki reduces food and gold cost and increases speed by 50%, but reduces HP by 45%.

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Myth Technologies Edit

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Age of Mythology Edit

  • Loki's Ox Carts have +80 hit points (though the description still states that his Ox Carts are 'weaker').

The Titans Edit

  • Loki's Ox Carts have -80 hit points.

History Edit

"The Ox Cart is a mobile drop site that can collect Food, Wood and Gold. The Ox Cart's mobility allows the Norse cultures to gather resources swiftly and efficiently. However, the slow-moving Ox Carts count against your population cap and are very vulnerable to attack.

The Norse Ox Cart in Age of Mythology is representative of the Norse hunting and gathering lifestyle that dominated their culture until agriculture and animal husbandry became predominant. The ancient Norse ranged far from their home bases for food and raw materials because their lands were not bountiful and their climate was harsh. Later, when they turned to raiding to increase their wealth, they tended to hit quickly, gather what was available, and move on. The Ox Cart represents the transitory nature of their resource gathering.
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