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This article is about the building in Age of Empires III. For the building in other games in the series, see Outpost.

Tower that can be used to defend the frontier.
—In-game description

The Outpost is a defensive building in Age of Empires III that attacks nearby enemies and also serves as a drop-off point for Home City shipments. It is available to the European civilizations (except the Russians, who build the Blockhouse), United States, and Mexicans.

Native American civilizations build War Huts instead of Outposts, which combine the functions of a Barracks and an Outpost. Asian civilizations build Castles, which combine the functions of an Artillery Foundry and an Outpost. African civilizations build Watch Towers, which combine the functions of a Tavern and an Outpost.


Outposts have a fairly high amount of hit points, and a ranged attack that does 1.5x damage to cavalry and shock infantry, so scouting parties should be careful. They also have an anti-ship attack with an extremely long range, which can be particularly powerful if the TEAM Coastal Defenses Home City Card is sent. Outposts are more effective if surrounded by walls and a gate, slowing down enemy units, and effectively protecting the own Outpost until reinforcements arrive.

Outposts can be garrisoned by villager-type units, making them effective at securing resources such as huntable animals and mines, and gaining crucial map control. Unlike the Town Center, garrisoning villagers does not increase the Outpost's attack.

The player can build up to 7 Outposts at a time, which can be increased to 13 with the Extensive Fortifications Home City Card available to most civilizations.

The "Outpost Trick" refers to using a unit with high ranged resistance and/or hit points to distract a Outpost or Town Center while it is being attacked, or troops move past it instead (especially Settler, or Villager for Outposts, Explorer, War Chief, and Monk for both). Against Fortified Outposts, higher hit points are preferable (ranged resistance is useless), and drawing the area of effect fire away from the main force attacking from a different angle. The AI will never manually switch targets with an Outpost or Town Center, or focus fire with them, and most players fail to do so either. Furthermore, loosely grouped outposts and other defensive buildings will have blind spots in their coverage that only allow 1-2 of them to attack simultaneously if attacked from certain angles.

In the Definitive Edition, the "Castrametation" Home City Card allows the Explorer to build Outposts.


Age Upgrade Cost Effect
Age III tech tree aoe3.png
Frontier outpost.png Frontier Outpost 400 wood,
200 coin
Upgrades Outposts into Frontier Outposts (+50% attack)
Age IV tech tree aoe 3.png
Fortified outpost.png Fortified Outpost 800 wood,
400 coin
Upgrades Outposts into Fortified Outposts (+50% hit points, +50% attack, +100% anti-ship attack, and a bombard attack with an AOE of 3); requires Frontier Outpost
The only way for the Knights of St. John to research Fortified Outposts is through use of the Heavy Fortifications card available to them in the Fortress Age.

Civilization differences[]


  • Revolting to Hungary or Romania causes Pandours/Hungarian Hussars/Hungarian Grenadiers or Roshior Dragoons and Wallachian Horse Archers to spawn at every existing Outpost. All Hungarian and Romanian Home City Cards also increases the Outpost's build limit by 1 when shipped, and some even causes more units to spawn at existing Outposts.

Further statistics[]

Building strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Ships, infantry, weak cavalry
Weak vs. Artillery, siege unit
Hit points Flying Buttress.png Flying Buttress (+20%)
Attack Heated Shot.png Heated Shot (+1.5x multiplier vs. ships)
Sight Gas Lighting.png Gas Lighting (+4)
Construction cost Cree Textile Craftsmanship.png Cree Textile Craftsmanship (-25% wood)
Tupi Forest Burning.png Tupi Forest Burning (-20% wood)
Penalties Code Napoleon.png Code Napoleon (+50% cost, French only)
Counter Infantry Rifling.png Customized Merc Weapons (+30% cost, John Black's Mercenaries only)

Home City Cards[]


The WarChiefs[]

  • The Outpost cannot reveal stealth enemies.

Definitive Edition[]

  • The Outpost can reveal stealth enemies.


  • The in-game Outpost model does not resemble its building portrait because the Outpost design shown is of an earlier version, which can be seen in pre-release screenshots. The same goes for its upgrade icons (Frontier and Fortified Outpost) and their respective in-game models.


Outposts are buildings that are used to gain territory in a military conflict. One example of their use is in the disputed territory of Clipperton Island. The Island was originally charted by Magellan in 1521. It changed hands between Spain, France, and the United States. Eventually, Mexico claimed it and built an outpost to reinforce their claim. Even with the outpost, though, Clipperton Island continued to change hands well into the twentieth century.