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This article is about the civilization in Age of Empires III. For other uses, see Ottomans.
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The Ottoman Empire, situated in a prime position between Europe and Asia, was the location of great technological and militarist improvements. They had heavy influence on Eastern Europe and possessed the main trade route to Asia until the path around Africa was discovered.
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The Ottomans are a playable European civilization in Age of Empires III. The Ottoman Empire was a state of Turkish origin which attained the status of great power in Europe in the Early Modern Age (1299–1923 AD). At the peak of their might from the mid sixteenth to the late seventeenth century, they controlled modern day Turkey, the Balkans, parts of the Middle East, and much of the North African coast.

Despite some interest in it, the Ottomans did not conquer or colonize the New World,[1] although there are some highly disputable claims that they tried to take some minor areas in the Caribbean.[2] The Ottomans were active in Indian Sea and clashed with the Portuguese in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia, but never achieved its status as a global maritime power due to constant challenges from other Western civilizations and its geographical location.

The Ottomans appear in Age of Empires IV with the same name, and are represented through the Turks in Age of Empires II.

Home City[]

(Default) Explorer names
First Names
Abhaz, Ahmad, Ankarali, Arslan, Avsar, Bagdatli, Baltaci, Bosnali, Çerkez, Çepni, Demirci, Eflakli, Evliya, Giritli, Giuseppe, Halepli, Hayreddin, Kara, Kilic, Kinik, Kirimli, Koprulu, Leo, Majid, Malemo, Muhammad, Pargali, Peçenek, Piri, Rodoslu, Selanikli, Shams, Sulaiman, Sofu, Sokullu
Last Names
Africanus, Ahmed, Ahmet, Akinalp, Al Mahri, Ali, Canaqua, Çelebi, Cem, Cihangir, Evliya, Fazil, Fazıl, Giray, ibn Majid, Kılıç, Kürşat, Mehmed, Mehmet, Muhammed, Murat, Mustafa, Orhan, Reis, Rüştü, Selim, Semşi, Tuğrul

  • Fire eater Torchy - An entertainer who performs tricks with fire (1 point)
  • Juggler Juggler - A juggling performer (1 point)
  • Vendor Vendor Cart - A store on wheels hawking goods of all kinds (1 point)
  • Chatter Home City Chatter - Enable this to show comments made by citizens strolling through this city (1 point)
  • Bunting Patriotic Bunting - The citizens show their national pride by decorating with patriotic banners (1 point)
  • HC banner Market Day Pennants - These bright streamers declare it is market day (1 point)
  • Props market Merchants in the Bazaar - Several merchants have set up their wares beneath the carpet awnings of the bazaar (1 point)
  • Props market Bazaar Wares - Other merchants use the warm brick of the Trade Center as their backdrop (1 point)
  • Props market Merchants from Afar - Many merchants travel far to display their wares in the city's market (1 point)
  • Props market Bountiful Merchandise - All manner of goods are to be found in the bazaar (1 point)
  • MedNWTC3 The Ottoman New World Trade Center - The original version of the Ottoman New World Trade Center (Default)
  • MedNWTC4 Levantine Mercantile Association - Yellow version of the Ottoman New World Trade Center (1 point)
  • MedNWTC2 Hanseatic Caravanserai Office - Blue version of the Ottoman New World Trade Center (1 point)
  • MedNWTC1 The Sultan's Office of Commerce - Green version of the Ottoman New World Trade Center (1 point)
  • MedNWTC10 Marketplace of the Lawgiver - An upgraded version of the original Ottoman New World Trade Center (1 point)
  • MedNWTC9 The Old Market - An upgraded yellow version of the Ottoman New World Trade Center (1 point)
  • MedNWTC11 Golden Horn Trading Company - An upgraded blue version of the Ottoman New World Trade Center (1 point)
  • MedNWTC12 Istanbul Traders - An upgraded green version of the Ottoman New World Trade Center (1 point)

  • Props4 Great Bombard - This mighty cannon demonstrates the power of military technology (1 point)
  • Bunting Patriotic Bunting - The citizens show their national pride by decorating with patriotic banners (1 point)
  • Medacademy1 Suleiman the Magnificent's Military Academy - This is the original color version of the Ottoman Military Academy. Named for one of the most notable rulers of the Ottoman empire (Default)
  • Medacademy2 The Anatolian Musketeer Academy - Red version of version of the Ottoman Military Academy (1 point)
  • Medacademy3 War College of Mehmed II the Conqueror - The blue version of the Ottoman Military Academy (1 point)
  • Medacademy4 The Topkapi Palace Academy - Green version of the Ottoman Military Academy (1 point)
  • Medacademy5 Ottoman Military Academy - This is upgraded version of original Ottoman Military Academy color scheme (1 point)
  • Medacademy6 Grand Vizer Mustafa Koprulu War School - An upgraded version of the red Ottoman Military Academy (1 point)
  • Medacademy7 Mahmud II Modern Military College - An upgraded version of the blue Ottoman Military Academy (1 point)
  • Medacademy8 The Caliph's Military Academy - An upgraded version of the green Ottoman Military Academy (1 point)

  • Violin Musician - A strolling entertainer (1 point)
  • Ott lightset1 Daytime Lighting - The city with the sun shining brightly (Default)
  • Ott lightset2 An Ottoman Morning - The sun rises on the Empire of the Ottomans (1 point)
  • Bunting Patriotic Bunting - The citizens show their national pride by decorating with patriotic banners (1 point)
  • Ott-hagia1 Hagia Sophia (original) - Original color scheme for this gigantic Ottoman mosque (Default)
  • Ott-hagia2 Hagia Sophia (yellow) - Yellow version of this gigantic Ottoman mosque (1 point)
  • Ott-hagia3 Hagia Sophia (blue) - Blue version of this gigantic Ottoman mosque (1 point)
  • Ott-hagia4 Hagia Sophia (green) - Green version of this gigantic Ottoman mosque (1 point)

  • Painter The Artist - An artist who sets up his easel and paints (1 point)
  • Thug Thug - A brutish and unpleasant fellow (1 point)
  • Bunting Patriotic Bunting - The citizens show their national pride by decorating with patriotic banners (1 point)
  • Urn Fountain Urns - A display of elegant urns surrounding a public fountain (1 point)
  • Street light Basic Street Lamps - Simple technology to make streets just a little safer at night (1 point)
  • Street light two Elegant Street Lamps - Attractive lighting for the city's byways (1 point)
  • MedFactory4 Istanbul Manufacturing - Original color scheme for the Ottoman Manufacturing Plant (Default)
  • MedFactory5 Old Byzantine Forge - Yellow version of the Ottoman Manufacturing Plant (1 point)
  • MedFactory3 De Tott Cannon Foundry - Blue version of the Ottoman Manufacturing Plant (1 point)
  • MedFactory6 The Sultan's Imperial Factory - Off-white version of the Ottoman Manufacturing Plant (1 point)
  • MedFactory1 Seven Brothers Milling - An upgraded version of the original Ottoman Manufacturing Plant (1 point)
  • MedFactory7 Bosporus Manufactory - An upgraded version of the yellow Ottoman Manufacturing Plant (1 point)
  • MedFactory9 The Anatolian Forge - An upgraded version of the blue Ottoman Manufacturing Plant (1 point)
  • MedFactory10 Magnificent Steel Works - An upgraded version of the off-white Ottoman Manufacturing Plant (1 point)

  • Drunk Drunk - A sailor who has overindulged in adult beverages (1 point)
  • Fisherman Fisherman - A man who would rather be fishing (1 point)
  • Bunting Patriotic Bunting - The citizens show their national pride by decorating with patriotic banners (1 point)
  • Urn Gateway Urns - A pair of massive urns frame the entrance to the city (1 point)
  • Crate Harbor Hardware - Crates, boats, oars, nets -- everything for the disorganized harbor master (1 point)
  • Dock props Dock Equipment - Strewn here and there, it's a lot of things for the dock (1 point)
  • Food Harbor Dressing - Goods and supplies awaiting a new home in a New World (1 point)
  • Dock crane Loading Cranes - Heavy cranes for lifting cargo from the holds of ships in the harbor (1 point)
  • Ee-dock-clock Gold Clock - Good. It's lit (1 point)
  • HC banner Pennants - Colorful banners to flutter and snap in the breeze (1 point)
  • MedDock9 Istanbul Harbor Master - Original version of the Ottoman Harbor's color scheme (Default)
  • MedDock4 Emir Caka Bey Fleet Headquarters - Red version of the Ottoman Harbor's color scheme. Named for one of the rulers who built the foundation for Turkish naval power in the Byzantine era (1 point)
  • MedDock2 The Sultan of the Two Seas Shipyards - Blue version of the Ottoman Harbor's color scheme (1 point)
  • MedDock1 Admiral Barbarosa Naval Yards - Green version of the Ottoman Harbor's color scheme (1 point)
  • MedDock10 Istabul Seafarer's Society - Upgraded version of the original Ottoman Harbor's color scheme (1 point)
  • MedDock7 Ottoman Naval Supply - An upgraded version of the Ottoman Harbor's red color scheme (1 point)
  • MedDock7 Mediterranean High Seas Building - An upgraded version of the Ottoman Harbor's turquoise color scheme (1 point)
  • MedDock8 Sokollu Naval Yards - An upgraded version of the Ottoman Harbor's green color scheme (1 point)


Civilization bonuses[]

  • Starts with 100 food, 400 wood, and six Yörüks
  • Town Centers automatically train Yörüks, with the rate that can be increased by improvements at the Mosque
  • Yörüks have a low train limit (25) which can be increased by improvements at the Mosque, and build Town Centers 50% slower
  • Artillery have +2 Line of Sight (Culverin have +0.5 Line of Sight instead) and unique skin*
  • Choose Politicians to advance in Age
  • Royal Guard units: Deli (Rumeliot), Humbaraci (Ulufeli)

Unique units[]

  • Villager ottoman yoruk portrait Yörük: Ottoman villager that arrives for free at the Town Center.
  • Imam de Imam: Heals injured units.
  • Ottomans bashibozuk portrait Bashibozuk: Quick-training, infantryman who quickly loses hitpoints, becoming less effective over time.
  • Janissary aoe3de Janissary: Powerful Ottoman infantry that acts like a powerful Musketeer.
  • Ottomans azap portrait Azap: Heavy infantry. Good against cavalry. Armed with a bow to counter light cavalry at range.
  • Nizam icon Nizam Fusilier: Exceptionally well-drilled ranged infantry that specializes in utilizing the advantages of different formations. (Definitive Edition onwards)
  • Spy ottoman portrait Muhbir: Sneaky assassin. Highly effective against mercenaries and heroes such as Explorers. Attacks faster with less hitpoints and benefits from promotions.
  • Ottomans deli portrait Deli: Ottoman hand cavalry with increased movement and attack speed.
  • Ottomans abus gunner portrait Abus Gunner: Ottoman infantry that inflicts siege damage. Good against infantry.
  • Ottomans humbaraci portrait Humbaraci: Heavy grenade-thrower infantryman that is effective against buildings and artillery, but more vulnerable to infantry and cavalry.
  • Great bombard de Great Bombard: Ottoman super-heavy artillery. Moves and fires slowly, but does tremendous damage against infantry, ships and buildings.
  • Galley aoe3de Galley: Galley. Good at exploring, fishing or transport.
  • Spahi de Sipahi: Powerful cavalry available only from the Home City.

Unique building[]

  • Church aoe3de Mosque: Trains healers and provides colony improvements and unique improvements.




The Ottomans have the most unique units among the original game civilization. The Ottomans can also build the Artillery Foundry in the Commerce Age, before most other civilizations, giving them earlier access to their artillery.

They possess several unique units: the Janissary, an infantry unit that functions similarly to the Musketeer, but is stronger; the Azap, an infantry unit that counters all cavalry; the Abus Gunner, a skirmisher-like ranged infantry unit that deals siege damage; the Humbaraci, a grenadier unit with bonus damage against artillery; and the Deli, a swift and versatile hand heavy cavalry. They also possess the powerful cavalry unit, Sipahi, a heavy cavalry unit wielding a mace. Sipahis cannot be trained from buildings, the only way to obtain them is through shipments. As a result, the player's Sipahis immediately upgrade upon reaching the next Age.

Unlike other civilizations, the Ottomans produce their worker unit, the Yörük, for free, although it takes much longer. In addition, there are initial build limits; they are initially capped at 25 Yörüks, and can reach 99 with upgrades from the Mosque. The creation speed can also be increased from the Mosque.


Age3DE Icon Definitive Edition[]

  • With update 14825, the Ottomans civilization's music theme was updated.

Age3DE Icon Knights of the Mediterranean[]

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Campaign appearances[]

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In-game dialogue[]

Main article: Ottomans' dialogue lines

The Ottoman units speak Modern Turkish instead of time-frame appropriate Ottoman Turkish. This is most obvious from the usage of Present Continuous suffix -yor in the Explorer's lines, because this suffix doesn't appear until 20th century writings.


  • Evet? - Yes?
  • Hazır - Ready
  • Emrin? - Your command?
  • Selam - Hello
  • Evet - Yes
  • Tamamdır - Okay
  • Haydi bakalım - Come on then
  • Tamam, olur - Okay, fine
  • Doğru - Right
  • Hücum! - Attack!
  • İleri marş! - Forward march!
  • Evet! - Yes!




The Ottoman Empire had existed since 1300, and at its peak in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was one the world's most powerful empires, stretching from northern Africa through the Middle East, Asia Minor, the Balkans, and what is now southern Russia. The Ottomans finally took Constantinople in 1453 after many years of trying, thereby severing the city's long link with the West, back to the ancient empire of Rome. By 1529 they had pushed to the gates of Vienna and toward the western Mediterranean basin. The Ottomans appeared unstoppable, but were actually near the limit of their expansion. Europeans had been making advances in technology that the Ottomans could not match. For example, the Turks had to purchase cannons from Europe, and often had to hire European cannoneers. In 1683 they failed once more to take Vienna. At this point the string of successful Ottoman rulers came to an end, while the power and organization of their European enemies was growing.

Much of the Ottoman Empire's energy was dissipated in struggles over succession. The bureaucracy that ran the empire became unwieldy and often corrupt. The Ottomans fell behind in industry, as well. The profits they enjoyed from the trade between Asia and Europe eroded as the Europeans learned to sail directly to the East Indies. The trade balance actually reversed as the Ottomans found they needed European goods more than Europe needed theirs.

Eventually the Ottoman armies went into decline. The empire came to depend more on slave and captive soldiers, especially its famed Janissaries. The Europeans were generally content to let the Ottomans remain where they were, although the Russians fought for the plains north of the Black Sea. The Industrial Revolution left the Ottomans completely at the mercy of Europe. For a time the British even propped up the Ottoman Empire to keep it from being occupied by their enemies.
—In-game history section


  • The Ottoman flag shown in the original game is the star and crescent flag of the Ottoman Empire (1844–1922). It was changed to the Eight-pointed star flag (1793–1844) for the Definitive Edition.
  • Their architecture, similar to Spanish and Portuguese one, is reminiscent of Byzantine and Greek cultural legacy to Ottomans and influenced by Western European architecture styles.
  • Their Home City name, Istanbul, is partially anachronistic, since the city was officially called Constantinople (Ottoman Turkish: قسطنطينيه, Kostantiniyye) until the 20th century. However, it has been unofficially called Istanbul (from the Byzantine Greek εἰς τὴν Πόλιν, "eis tḕn Pólin", lit. "to the City") since the Middle Ages, even when it was the Byzantine capital city.
  • Their personality appears as one of the AI player names of the Turks in Age of Empires II.
    • The Ottomans are similar to their predecessor civilization, the Turks, in Age of Empires II, as the Ottomans are a gunpowder- and artillery-focused civilization. Much like the Turks, the Ottomans are a coin-intensive civilization that lack access to trash units.



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