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This article is about the god in Age of Mythology. For the god in Age of Empires: Mythologies, see Osiris (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

You have advanced to the Mythic Age through the Authority of Osiris.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology

Osiris is a Mythic Age Egyptian minor god. He is available to Isis and Ra. For Osiris as a godlike hero unit, see hero unit below.


God power[]

  • SonOfOsirisIcon.png Son of Osiris: Turns the Pharaoh into a powerful, lightning-wielding demigod.


  • DesertWind.png Desert Wind: Increases Camelry attack, speed, and HP by 20%.
  • NewKingdom.png New Kingdom: Grants an additional Pharaoh.
  • FuneralBarge.png Funeral Barge: Kebenits do twice as much damage to other arrow ships.
  • AtefCrown.png Atef Crown: Mummies gain 20% HP, 40% attack, and their Minions live twice as long.

Myth unit[]

  • MummyIcon.png Mummy: A ranged myth unit that can kill enemy soldiers and raise them as undead Minions.


Osiris' bonuses are offensive and diverse. He improves several aspects of Camelry, turning them into all-round cavalry with an impressive speed of 7.2. He also improves Kebenits, probably giving a player the edge in naval battles. His God Power, Son of Osiris, transforms the Pharaoh into an incredibly powerful hero. He also allows for the creation of another Pharaoh. This allows the normal Pharaoh to stay at the base empowering buildings, while the Son of Osiris can wreak havoc on the battlefield. Alternatively, the player can have two Pharaohs empowering, a useful bonus for Isis players. (In older versions of the game, the Son of Osiris god power causes a glitch when New Kingdom is researched, allowing another Pharaoh to spawn, giving three Pharaohs – 1 Son of Osiris and 2 regular Pharaohs.)


Inheriting the rule of Egypt when his father abdicated, the god Osiris taught his subjects how to make tools, cultivate crops, brew beer, and make music. He brought civilization to the Nile Valley by instituting laws and founding religion. He incurred the jealousy of his brother Set, however, who had him trapped and exiled, then murdered and cut into pieces. Osiris’ wife Isis was able to reassemble most of his body, however, and resurrect him. Forgoing the opportunity to rule Egypt once again, he chose instead to go west following the sun and rule the land of the dead. In preparation for his journey and new life, Isis embalmed him. Thereafter, the dead came to Osiris to be judged for admission to the underworld where their souls could reside safely forever. The heart of each petitioner was weighed against the feather of truth. The final judgment could be influenced by magic or by temple offerings. The promise of eternal life was a powerful lure, and Osiris drew many followers. Osiris is usually portrayed wrapped in embalming linens.
—In-game history section

Hero unit[]

I have come upon the Earth and with my two feet taken possession!
—Osiris' first words after being reborn.

In the Where They Belong scenario of the Fall of the Trident campaign, Osiris appears as a non-controllable god in a cutscene. Osiris also appears in the scenario editor as a special god-strength hero unit, far more powerful than any other unit.

Unlike the greater Titans such as Gaia and Kronos, Osiris has fewer hit points and cannot regenerate them. However, Osiris makes up for this by having the highest amount of armor in all categories as well as the highest attack of any unit in the game (discounting buildings, as the Tower of Odin has far superior defenses).

Osiris can unleash mighty chain lightning attacks able to hit up to 4 enemy units at a distance. This makes Osiris the strongest unit in the entire game. He can easily defeat Titans such as Prometheus even when outnumbered, and more than 200 Ballistae are required to defeat him (for comparison, 100 Ballistae can easily defeat Kronos).



Old portrait of Osiris

  • Originally, Osiris used a different portrait. In the final portrait, he is given green skin, common to his appearances in Egyptian art.
    • Osiris' newer portrait uses Greek-style borders instead of Egyptian-style borders. This is likely an oversight.
  • Osiris' words upon his appearance in the campaign ("I have come upon the Earth and with my two feet taken possession!") are a quote from the Book of the Dead, where it is attributed to the god Tmu.
  • Instead of moving his feet, Osiris levitates in a tiptoe posture as a form of transportation.
  • Osiris is the strongest hero in the game. He can defeat all other heroes, except Athena, in one fell swoop.


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