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Oruc Reis is a hero in the Historical Battles in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.

In-game unit[]

Barbary Corsair, one of four brothers.
—In-game description


The eldest of four brothers, Oruc was born in 1474 on the isle of Lesbos to an Ottoman Sipahi of Albanian origin. He began privateering in the Mediterranean at a young age, but was captured by the Knights of St. John, who imprisoned him in Bodrum Castle. After three years, he escaped with the help of his brother Hizir and returned to the sea. The brothers returned to the seas and made a career as corsairs raiding in the western Mediterranean. Oruc lost an arm during one such endeavor, later procuring a silver replacement. In 1516, Oruc and Hizir seized the city of Algiers from the Spanish crown and successfully defended it from a retaliatory force before turning it over to the Ottoman Empire. Oruc took Tlemcen the following year, but was soon faced with an overwhelmingly large Spanish army. He fell defending the city in 1518.